As announced by DesignandBuildwithMetal, “The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) is celebrating 65 years of being the leader in the metal building systems industry throughout 2021. MBMA was founded in 1956 and serves manufacturers and suppliers by undertaking extensive technical research, promoting educational initiatives, publishing industry manuals and guidebooks, administering safety awareness programs, assisting with code development and much more.”

“Since the original 13 metal building companies came together in 1956,” said Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager, “MBMA has worked tirelessly to be at the forefront of the industry. The efforts of our members, the many volunteers and the countless hours they have invested as well as the contributions of our amazing staff have helped us reach this historic point. Thanks go out to all of them!”

Here are some of their historical milestones from the past 65 years:

September 1956: 13 metal building systems companies met in Chicago to form MBMA. Wilbur Larkin served as the first association chairman.

April 1957: MBMA Technical Committee first meets in Chicago.

1959: MBMA publishes Recommended Design Practices Manual, the first edition of what would become the Metal Building Systems Manual, the industry standard.

1966: MBMA sponsors first major research program—a study on tapered structural members at the State University of New York at Buffalo by Dr. George Lee.

June 1975: Duane Ellifritt, Ph.D., becomes MBMA’s first director of research and engineering.

1994: W. Lee Shoemaker, PE, Ph.D., is appointed MBMA director of research and engineering, a position he still holds.

2008: The International Accreditation Service (IAS) approved accreditation criteria for AC472, “Inspection Programs for Manufacturers of Metal Building Systems.” AC472 accreditation is a requirement to become a Building Systems member in MBMA.

2019: MBMA publishes the most recent edition of the Metal Building Systems Manual.

2021: MBMA reaches its 65th year with 37 Building Systems members and 63 Associate members.

Visit MBMA’s website for a more complete history of both the association and the metal building industry, as well detailed information about metal building systems and their many uses. There are also many free resources available for download, and additional manuals and publications for purchase at Check out their video “MBMA 65 Years in 65 Seconds” below:

METALCON proudly celebrates this major milestone with MBMA and congratulates them on their successes. MBMA General Manager, Tony Bouquot, is currently serving as a METALCON Advisory Board Member, and has been a regular on METALCON Live! providing key industry insights and intelligence to help business owners navigate through the current market changes. You can check out Tony in this METALCON Live! episode that aired last October – Construction, Metal Construction and Design: Trends and Outlook.

Be sure to visit with MBMA at METALCON 2021 at the Tampa Convention Center, October 6-8, in Booth #1921. You can also catch Lee Shoemaker, MBMA’s Director of Research and Engineering, present Metal Building Industry Setting the Bar with AC472 + AC478 on Wednesday,October 06, from 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM. This session qualifies for 1 CEU Credit. REGISTER TODAY.