Metal Construction News presents their special report on the construction industry post-pandemic in their August issue. This special report looks at the effect this pandemic has had on the construction industry and what we can expect the future to look like. The report is broken into three segments: Post Pandemic Survey, Construction and COVID-19: Adaptation, Action, Aftermath, and Continuing Safely.

This portion looks at the results of the post-pandemic survey that polled industry participants on the following:

  • How work-from-home policies affected their companies and may affect the industry.
  • How remote learning policies may affect construction in the education segment.
  • Which market segments will see growth and which will see a decline.
  • Long-term changes to safety procedures, acceptance of wellness design and contract issues.

Click HERE for the report.

Construction and COVID-19: Adaptation, Action, Aftermath

This section looks at adaption strategies, lessons learned and what carries forward. Learn how multiple companies adapted to the unprecedented changes that COVID-19 brought and how they share a common lesson learned from COVID-19 of how to best implement and use remote communication, by far the most prevalent change enacted. In addition to interviewing construction companies, responses from architects is also highlighted in the report. Click HERE for the report.

MCN reports, “The reaction to the pandemic was all about safety. The driving force was to protect all of us from its spread, so the third feature takes a look at how contractors dealt with the safety issue, including what they expect will carry forward in their own businesses.” Some safety practices on job sites that started because of the pandemic might stay. Click HERE for the report.

MCN COVID Survey Results

Last spring and summer, just after shelter-in-place requirements went countrywide, MCN ran three surveys to look at what was happening. The third survey, conducted the week of May 11, one and a half months after the first survey, showed that attitudes had already changed quickly about the pandemic. There was less concern about the COVID-19 virus and continued concern about the business climate among contractors, architects and suppliers. Compared to architects or suppliers, though, contractors were slightly more optimistic about the business environment. In the current survey conducted during June 2021, vestiges of that decrease in concern about the virus continue to present themselves, and many of the respondents reported not only fatigue with the situation, but genuine disgruntlement about the handling of the virus. A sample of survey responses believe it has all been a hoax perpetrated for political gain. You can see the surveys at: 2020 COVID Surveys.

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