Buildings of today must satisfy a supreme standard – achieve high performance, resiliency and energy efficiency. With increasing demands on a structure, this session will help you learn the ins and outs of IMPs, and which products or systems can best fulfill the required air and water control functions of a high-performance building enclosure, while meeting fire codes and offering aesthetic flexibility.

Can you believe building codes date way back to the Babylonian empire where the famous Code of Hammurabi decreed punishments for shoddy builders — think possible death sentence! While they may have done away with issuing a “death sentence” as punishment, today, municipalities adopt building standards into law and enforce them for nearly every structure before they are even built. Building codes state the minimum requirements to create safe buildings. Meeting these requirements help prevent death, injury, and property loss in the event of a natural disaster.

Since codes cover every detail from structural design to stair tread width to electrical systems, it is critical for builders and anyone involved in a construction project to be fluent and up-to-date on knowing codes. If your building design does not meet code, the code official will reject a building application. For those involved in the metal construction industry, metal buildings must meet all the same requirements as buildings made out of any other material with two areas of particular importance: 1) the specifications for the steel itself and 2) climate control. (Ref: Green Building Elements)

Our presenter, Amanda (Mandi) Karns is the Facade Program Manager for Kingspan Insulated Panels with over 18 years of experience in the building products industry. For the past 12 years, Mandi focused on product and sales engineering solutions with keen talent in design, innovation and product testing and application. Most recently, she has led custom inquiries for design assist and value engineered projects with conceptual thinking, problem solving and unparalleled customer support for many high end architectural and façade projects in the marketplace. Karns earned a Bachelor of Science design in Civil Engineering in Technology and is Lean Six-Sigma certified.

Mandi currently holds the Chair position on the IMP Alliance Technical Committee of the Metal Construction Association (MCA). The IMP Alliance will be on hand at METALCON 2021, scheduled for October 6-8 in Tampa, Florida, debuting the IMP Pavilion. This will be a rare opportunity to see six major brands that produce 85% to 90% of all IMP’S shipped in the US and Canada, all in one location.

Make plans to register for this important METALCON Live! webinar scheduled for next Wednesday, August 25 at 1:00 pm … AND, REGISTER to attend METALCON 2021 scheduled for October 6-8 for my dynamic education like this session along with a robust trade show floor of over 250 exhbitors!

METALCON is produced by PSMJ Resources and sponsored by the Metal Construction Association.

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