Haunted Buildings with Metal Roofs!

Happy Halloween! After scouring the internet for something metal related to post for Halloween, it was fun to come across this blog posted by our friends at the Metal Construction Association “circa” 2013! Check out this list of their five favorite haunted buildings WITH metal roofs … P l u s an additional entry this blogger couldn’t resist including at the end …

#1 – Mount Washington Resort – This elaborate Bretton Woods, NH hotel–with its distinctive red metal roof–opened in 1902 and is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Carolyn Stickney, the widow of the hotel’s original owner. According to legend, caretakers have sighted the ghost of Mrs. Stickney descending stairs and switching lights on and off.

#2 – Beetle Juice House – This fictional home from the film Beetle Juice is the setting of the 1980’s classic horror/comdedy movie starring Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. The home, which played a central role in the film, featured a white standing seam metal roof before and after the garish renovation that irked the recently-departed owners.

#3 – Tower of London – The tower, one of the most famous landmarks in London for almost 1,000 years, has no shortage of alleged hauntings. Perhaps the most famous ghost thought to reside in the tower is the spirit of Ann Boleyn, a wife of Henry VIII who was behaded in the tower in 1536. The tower’s lead roof has helped the structure survive more than nine centuries, though lead roofs are no longer commonplace for obvious reasons.

#4 – Quitman, AR Residence – This turn-of-the-century victorian house that features a striking metal roof went on the market in 2012, and was marketed as having a “friendly” paranormal presence. Previous owners and visitors reported more disturbing happenings, but the most recent owner claims to have had minimal interruption.The Dominion Building, Vancouver, CA

#5 – The Dominion Building – This Vancouver, Canada building, completed in 1909, features a mansard roof made of metal. The building is said to be haunted by the architect, John Helyer, who is rumored to have fallen to have fallen to his death when the building was opened. This has been dispelled as myth, but many report hearing his steps in the stairway.

A n d … adding one more to the list … #6 – The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado, which served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel and movie, The Shining. The hotel, which opened in 1909, is a breathtaking historical landmark situated at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park and has endured a long history of strange and haunting behavior. It was also designed with a beautifully inspired drop-in tin ceiling in Rustic Copper, which creates an ambiance for the hotel that reflects the very iconic design. With one of the more famous metal ceilings, the Stanley Hotel is known for its architecture and amazing setting, and its metal ceiling tiles express the history of this destination while possibly putting you in touch with guests from the past.