On the heels of METALCON 2021 where architects were in the spotlight with the new Architect’s Experience, the Metal Construction Association has announced the launch of their new Metal Architecture Academy, emphasizing the importance of educating the design community on the uses and benefits of metal. As reported by DesignandBuildwithMetal, “The Academy includes eight courses which provide opportunities to learn about metal walls and roofing as sustainable and flexible solutions for today’s architectural challenges, as well as design options that are unique and inspiring.”

“The MCA Metal Architecture Academy courses not only show the visual appeal of metal to make the design process fresh and exciting, but also that metal offers safety, longevity, and environmental benefits,” says LeeAnn Slattery MCA’s market development chair. 

Jeff Henry, executive director of MCA, explains why the organization is offering architects so many resources in a recent article in Metal Construction News. “Showing architects and designers why they should be using metal in their building plans to help them achieve their visions is a great use of MCA members’ specialized knowledge. Our resources provide them with a better understanding of the innovations that are possible through the use of metal in the building envelope, inspire them to incorporate metal into buildings in exciting ways, teach them to recognize quality installation practices during and after construction, and much more.”

The Metal Architecture Academy is designed to illuminate the array of wall and roof systems available, inspire with award-winning designs, and demonstrate the value of lightweight metal panel technologies to meet and exceed energy codes and provide health, safety and wellness features that elevate the experience of occupants.

Academy courses include: 

  1. Modern Metal Walls and Roofs: Colorful, Evocative and Innovative – a multi-media showcase for award-winning projects where metal achieved dramatic aesthetics.
  2. Protecting the Core of MCM – a webinar featuring MCA and two architects discussing how variations in metal, thickness and finish work together as a whole performance system to provide visual appeal, wind loading transfer and fire performance.
  3. Individual Parts Bring a Greater Whole – a primer on metal composite material (MCM) which reviews how MCM skins promote sustainability and practicality through a structure’s life cycle, including shielding it from everyday wear and enhanced building durability and health.
  4. Show Your Mettle – a discussion on the versatility of metal as a building material and how its attributes contribute to sustainability and resilience.
  5. To Code…and Beyond – a study of the attributes and benefits of insulated metal panels (IMPs) and how IMPs meet a wide array of aesthetic, performance, and code demands.
  6. The Metal Retrofit Revolution – a review on the energy-generating and saving options available with metal roofing and cladding projects.
  7. The Ins and Outs of IMPs – which explores the continuous insulating qualities, vapor and water protection, one-stop-shop installation, low maintenance, and aesthetics offered by IMP walls and roofing.
  8. The ABCs and LCA’s and EPDs – an extensive review of metal roof and cladding industry efforts to perform life cycle assessment (LCA) studies, create environmental product declarations (EPDs), and make this information freely available to the industry.

All courses offer CE credits including 3 AIA LU/HSW and 5 AIA LU/Elective. Those who complete all courses receive a digital badge.

The Metal Architecture Academy and all courses can be reviewed at https://continuingeducation.bnpmedia.com/academies/metal.

METALCON is produced by PSMJ Resources and sponsored by the Metal Construction Association.