METALCON Live! returns tomorrow at 1:00 pm with the first of our new series, “The Best of METALCON,” with Fundamentals of Rainscreen Design. Join Managing Director of Pivoth Corp and Vice Chairman at Rainscreen Association in North America (RAiNA), Steve Gaynor, for a deeper look at the reasons for using a rainscreen and the performance requirements.

Rainscreens have been an elusive term in the construction industry. People have used them to apply to materials, assemblies, and functions, sometimes in ways that are questionable. This presentation officially defines the term “rainscreen,” identifies its components, and explores the reasons for using a rainscreen and the performance requirements for it to function properly. Additionally, Steve will review why moisture problems in buildings are increasing.

Work is underway by the industry to fully address all the requirements for performance, taking into consideration proper building science. This work will also identify when one code requirement may conflict with other code requirements, as well as how certain codes may not take into consideration various aspects of building science.

Presenter: Steven Gaynor
Managing Director, Pivoth Corporation

Technically focused, business development professional with a depth of experience in leading new corporate initiatives with focus on façade products. Pivoth Corporation provides consulting services for building product manufacturers looking to enter or grow within the U.S. market. Steve has 17 years of industry experience spanning project management with contractors, and directing programs with various rainscreen manufacturers.

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