METALCON Live! kicked off its 2022 series yesterday by “bringing it back to the basics.” In their presentation, “Metal Building Systems 101,” industry experts Lee Shoemaker, director of research and engineering for the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), and Steve Reiners, technical director with Behlen Building Systems, walked the audience through a thorough overview of metal buildings and debunked several myths including why metal buildings are ideal for design flexibility, creativity, and sustainability.

Myths Debunked

Lee and Steve uncovered the following “industry myths” about metal buildings and provided details for each while fielding questions from the audience. Details on how each myth is “debunked,” check out MBMA’s extensive photo gallery and design resources.

Myth 1“A metal building will limit design flexibility” – Not true! Metal can meet a company’s special design needs and not “break the budget.”

Myth 2“A metal building will limit my creativity” – Not true! There are different types of metals for different looks. Using a metal building system no longer means the building will look like a “square box.”

Myth 3“A metal building won’t work on my site” – Not true! Climate and/or geography does not play a role as metal buildings can stand up to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snow.

Myth 4“A metal building won’t meet my specific needs” – Not true! Metal buildings are flexible to meet any needs and any budgets.

Myth 5“The city won’t allow a building with metal panels” – Not true! Zoning boards are up to speed and now approve metal designs; MBMA can also help with zoning boards.

Myth 6“Tilt wall isn’t possible with a metal building” – Not true! There are numerous examples of how a tilt wall was used in a metal building posted on MBMA’s website.

Myth 7“You can’t do this kind of thing with a metal building” – The options are only limited by a designer’s capability; metal can be used for just about anything from sloped roofs to decorative columns.

MBMA‘s Unlimited Resources

The MBMA has been serving the metal building industry since 1956 providing leadership, research, and education to increase the prominence and usage of metal building systems. The association plays a lead role in research and engineering, and influences codes and standards. They have two membership categories: Building Systems Manufacturers and Associate members. Members are committed to sustainable development, to continuous improvement in safety and health, and to achieving an injury-free workplace. Their resources are extensive including AIA-accredited learning unit courses, EPDs, photo gallery of design ideas, performance guide specifications, and design tools for specific audiences including architects, building officials, developers, contractors, and more.

If you missed this webinar, watch it ON DEMAND.


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