“Are you using sustainable products?” If your clients and partners aren’t already asking you this question, it’s just a matter of time before they are. While it’s relatively easy to find some type of Environmental Product Definition (EPD) online for most building products, how do you know if they really make your building greener? As it relates to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of metal products, who is the authority, and how do you communicate the benefits of metal to your clients and partners? Join the webinar today at 1:00 PM and earn 1 FREE AIA LU!

Bob Zabcik, MCA’s Technical Director and President of Z-tech Construction LLC, will break down questions surrounding the complexities of EPD’s and LCA’s as he examines three industry average EPD’s published by the MCA and answer the following burning questions:

  • How do we go from LCA’s to EPD’s?
  • What do EPD’s mean? 
  • How do they apply to my project? 
  • Can I compare two EPD’s?  And If so, how reliable are the conclusions?

According to an article featured in Metal Construction News, EPD documents are critical components in the life cycle analysis program for the metal construction industry. The MCA recognizes the critical importance of both the EPD and the LCA processes in managing the environmental impact for the use of metal cladding in construction. Documentation and testing of metal construction components for roofing and wall assemblies satisfy the architectural needs for the design of buildings with metal.

Today’s webinar will give you perspective about what these EPD’s mean for your business and why they will be so crucial in the future.

Bob is the technical director for the Metal Construction Association and president of Z-tech Consulting. He is a LEED accredited professional and a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas with 25 years of experience in the metal building products industry.