Join us next Wednesday February 16, 2022 at 1PM ET, as METALCON Live! and MCA present Bilal Khan of Northern Facades speaking on Thermal Breaks in Cladding Support Attachment Assemblies.

Reaching toward Net Zero energy ready buildings is becoming a popular topic in today’s climate changing world. Energy efficiency has expanded towards exterior wall assemblies where effects of thermal bridging are considered and thermally broken sub-framing systems are becoming the new norm. This course will identify and compare various cladding attachment methods on the market. Learn how to determine the appropriate clip for your project and how to compare effective thermal resistance required to achieve projects targeted R – Value. You will gain a greater knowledge of material applications at the cutting-edge of energy performance and code compliance, all while learning of attractive solutions for clients and end users.

Northern Facades Ltd, a division of the Flynn Group of Companies, is a leading fabricator of architectural metal panel, Laminam ceramic panel, and unitized glazing systems. Their expertise consists of design assist, engineering, custom systems design, drafting, manufacturing, testing, value engineering, and project management. They work with the building envelope community to deliver designed, code-compliant fabricated systems to building owners, who can enjoy beautiful facades that last for many generations. They are a unique custom systems fabricator, bringing architectural design to reality.