Join us this coming Wednesday, March 2 as we continue the “Best of METALCON series” with Temporary Bracing Guidelines, presented by Keith Wentworth, Vice President with Dutton & Garfield Inc., a full service construction company serving the New England community for over 50 years and a member of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA). Assemblers, builders and manufacturers will learn critical steps to ensure the stability and safety of a structure.

Metal building structures are highly engineered, optimized structures, with virtually all elements of the building structure working as an integral system to meet the strength and serviceability requirements for the project. During erection when some, but not all components are in place, temporary bracing and specific erection sequencing are critical to ensure the structure is stable and safe. During the webinar, Keith will review information from “Temporary Bracing Guidelines,” produced by the Metal Buildings Institute (MBI), MBCEA’s sister organization.

The purpose of this important book is to assist metal building contractors and erectors in developing temporary bracing and sequencing requirements for each metal building project. The intent of this guide is to serve as an educational tool for the assembler, the builder who orders the building, and the metal building manufacturer. With proper education, industry practices can evolve to improve safety and building integrity during erection. 

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