In January, The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) released its 2021 MBMA Annual Report, “Forging the Future of Metal Building Systems Through Education.” The report offers valuable information for anyone who works with metal building systems, has an interest in metal buildings or is involved in the low-rise commercial building market. It is available for free download here. Alternatively, you can watch a video overview of the report on MBMA’s YouTube channel:

In addition to celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2021, MBMA notes this year’s annual report focuses on the importance of education in metal building design and construction and how MBMA and its members are meeting the challenges of keeping the workforce engaged and informed.

“MBMA’s 65th anniversary took place during one of its most challenging and yet most rewarding years, as we transitioned from doing everything online to being back in person,” adds Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager.

The report contains:

  • Management perspective and a message from Chair Greg Pasley
  • A historical timeline of achievements since MBMA’s founding in 1956
  • The Architect Committee’s report focusing on the inaugural Student Design Competition, which will award $15,000 in prizes, as well as its outreach initiatives to influence architects and designers
  • Additional information from the Education Committee on the design competition, as well as insights about the Architectural Faculty Workshop held in August and the latest award-winning online courses from MBMA
  • Updates on work to promote accreditation for both metal building manufacturers (AC472) and metal building erectors (AC478)
  • Efforts to enhance current energy codes and educate members, builders, architects and specifiers on best practices and how to apply them, including the latest on whole-building air-leakage testing
  • Sustainability resources for the entire design and construction community, including updates to metal building environmental product declarations (EPDs), life cycle analysis (LCA) and life cycle inventory (LCI) reports
  • Fire protection and insurance work to ensure safe, code-compliant and insurable metal buildings, including enhanced UL-rated assemblies
  • Initiatives to promote safety in the workplace while meeting the ongoing challenges of the pandemic
  • Industry-leading research and technical initiatives such as work on the AISC Design Guide 4 + 16, which deals with end-plate connections
  • “Anatomy of a Metal Building System,” a diagram that details the various parts of a metal building

MBMA Chair Greg Pasley comments, “2021 has had it all: important achievements, difficult challenges and a historic celebration for MBMA. We’ve had to work with the lingering effects of the pandemic, as well as high demand for our buildings and continuing supply chain issues. Over the course of the year, though, MBMA has displayed industry leadership across the board. This includes serving as an advocate for our members, reaching out to steel suppliers and government officials, promoting the industry and providing top-notch educational resources.”

MBMA’s membership includes 38 Building Systems members and 65 Associate members. Member companies account for over 28,000 building projects each year, comprising a substantial share of the total low-rise construction market in the United States. 

MBMA provides engineering leadership throughout North America, working with major universities and engineering schools, as well as with code officials and other organizations. MBMA’s completed and ongoing research improves the performance, efficiency and quality of metal building systems and impacts the entire building industry. Click here to download the MBMA 2021 Annual Report

METALCON is proud to have MBMA as a partner association and congratulates them on their milestone anniversary and on their accomplishments in 2021. Look for Tony Bouquot, MBMA general manager, to be a guest speaker on the next METALCON Live! scheduled for Wednesday, April 6 at 1:00 pm taking on the timely topic, “7 Ways to BLAST PAST Past Supply Chain, Talent Shortage, Price Pressure & Other Metal Construction Profit Killers.” LEARN MORE AND REGISTER TODAY.

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