Join RAiNA next month on Monday, May 9, for its 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) but first “in-person” meeting in Reston, Virginia.

RAiNA was officially founded in January 2022 on the premise that an unbiased organization needed to exist to offer clarity to the wall assembly industry, trades, and design professionals on the subject of rainscreen design – an often confused and misunderstood term. The organization’s mission is to provide unbiased clarity to the plethora of “rainscreen noise,” by providing the definition of rainscreen design and review a host of rainscreen assemblies.

In their recent first quarter newsletter, RAiNA takes it “back to the basics” and explains the definition of the rainscreen design: an assembly applied to an exterior wall that consists minimally of an outer and inner layer and a cavity between the layers sufficient for the passive removal of liquid water and water vapor. Additional wall components can be added such as insulation, air barrier system and vapor diffusion control. Each of these elements can be placed in different parts of the wall cavity depending on the design components.

Image Credit: RAiNA

Click HERE to download their in-depth Technical Rainscreen Bulletin. As a resource to the construction community, RAiNA has technical and informational articles available on their website.

In their first two years of existence, their six diverse committees have been extremely busy. Their Building Code Committee has engaged an Independent Third-Party Codes Consultant to help develop code change proposals, identify upcoming opportunities for code changes and represent RAiNA’s interests at code hearings and their Residential Committee has successfully completed its first AIA approved presentation on Rainscreen Technology for Residential Applications. For a full update on committee activities, check out the association’s newsletter.

RAiNA’s Annual General Meeting will also be conveniently located at the same site where the Air Barrier Association of America’s (ABAA) Building Enclosure Conference & Trade Show is being held on May 10-11, 2022. RAiNA members may attend and enjoy two full days of ABAA’s conference by attending the general meeting.

RAiNA will also be exhibiting at METALCON 2022, scheduled for October 12-14 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and can be found in Booth 318. Register is NOW OPEN for METALCON!