WCK’S Chef José Andrés

It has been five months since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, displacing millions of people, claiming tens of thousands of lives, and destroying thousands of buildings and entire communities. On a global level, the war in Ukraine has also become a war on food. Activity at ports and borders has been disrupted, straining the food supply that feeds not only Ukraine but the world. Since activating almost five months ago, WCK food cargo trains, and restaurant and farm partners, have been hit by missiles. Still, thousands of “WCK’s Ukrainian Food Fighters” show up daily to provide nourishing meals and food aid to families remaining in the country. As of July 17, these incredible teams served their 100 millionth meal in response to the invasion. Given the continued urgency of the situation and its devastating impact on the world, METALCON is proud to partner with WCK for this year’s “Give Back” program. A bit different than in past years, we are asking you to help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 by October 1 rather than wait until we are at this show.

DONATE TODAY and help make a difference. Your donation will be used to support WCK’s emergency food relief efforts, which will not only help those in the Ukraine region, but will have a ripple effect, creating a larger impact on a more global scale.



Meet the team in Ukraine

Watch “We Feed People,” a Ron Howard-directed documentary about World Central Kitchen and its founder Chef José André which premiered on May 27. A behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of WCK’s work, from the earliest days in Haiti to its current food relief efforts around the world.

For 20+ years since the “Give Back” program began in 1995, METALCON has proudly donated upwards of half a million dollars in goods, services, and/or funds to non-profit organizations. Kind thanks for helping us continue this tradition of giving back to organizations making a difference.