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METALCON / October 6-8 / 2021 Tampa

Maximize Your METALCON Experience; And Get the Credit You Deserve

METALCON is pleased to announce that most of the education included in the Total Experience will qualify for Continuing Education Credits (Including: AIA, CSI,ICC and more) Be sure to take advantage of all the education METALCON has to offer. Learn from the industry’s top technical whizzes, business experts, design professionals, and industry insiders. From intensive pre-show workshops to 40+ FREE educational sessions conveniently located inside the exhibit hall, to inspiring Keynotes and Super Sessions, METALCON has it all.  Every attendee will receive certificates of completion for each course.  Credit information for each course will be available in each course description.  Be sure to check back regularly for updated crediting information!

NEW this Year: Earn Valuable Continuing Education Units on the Showfloor!

⮞   We are pleased to announce that METALCON attendees will be eligible for Continuing Education Units. 

⮞   The Total Experience attendees can earn up to 15 AIA Learning Units (LU), including up 5 LU HSW’s.  ICC credits are coming soon and certificates can be provided for all other Continuing Education bodies.  

⮞   The Architect’s Experience Attendees can earn up to 18 AIA and 18 CSI Continuing Education Units.  


Help Your Metal Businesses Thrive with Our 6-Course METALCON Business Academy “MBA” Program

If you’ve been too busy to plan the next big moves for your trades business, you’re not alone. Now is the time to stop reacting and start investing in your business, your employees and yourself.

Developed in partnership with the trades business experts at Breakthrough Academy, METALCON’s  first-ever “MBA” program focuses on the six most critical things every metal construction business must do to succeed in 2021, and beyond. 

Take all 6 METALCON “MBA” courses and receive your diploma at METALCON 2021 in Tampa!

All past sessions are available for FREE on demand!

Who will benefit from participating: Owners/GMs/Principals, Project Managers, Sales, Marketing, Residential Contractors, Commercial Contractors or anyone on the business-side of the metal construction industry who is ready to become a more effective leader and/or increase performance, profitability, and productivity.

By summertime, it’s common that many of your staff lose the initial energy they brought at the beginning of the season due to long days and drawn out work. With no end in sight, it’s easy for productivity to drop and for you as an owner to be left picking up the pieces. Before you go putting on the proverbial tool belt, come check this session out for unique solutions to breathe new life into a hard-working team. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to identify the performance gap causing an employee’s low productivity
  • A unique goal setting & review process to align your team toward a common goal
  • The key process for working with employees that have low skill, but high commitment

BONUS! You’ll receive the downloadable templates and frameworks to implement these tools in your business right away.

Creating an aligned and defined organizational structure is a key component of running a profitable and scalable business. Having all your staff operating with a clear role, goals, and deliverables is the foundation for productivity and success. In this workshop, we will cover the proven framework for creating defined job descriptions that will allow everyone in your organization to operate with a clear goal and accountability to their supervisor. You will leave with all the basic tools and templates to grow your business in a structured and systematic way. This session includes ....

  • A defined Organizational Structure outlining all the roles you will need in your company to achieve your goals
  • Job Descriptions for your staff that define each of their deliverables, all methodically leading towards your business achieving its annual goal
  • A week-by-week sales and production plan that aligns with your year-end goal, and a system to monitor actual results throughout the year

BONUS! You’ll get our done-for-you forms and templates to use in your contracting business immediately.

October 6, 2021
(Live at METALCON in Tampa)

How to Build a Resilient Contracting Business

Is your business feeling more vulnerable than you’d like it to right now? The reality is that most contractors are idea-driven problem solvers who know how to get results quickly, but lack the knowledge and implementation skills needed to structure their companies for long term success and stability; even in the face of unpredictable economic fluctuations. In this session, you’ll get:

  • Battle-tested infrastructure that transforms you from a doer-of-all-things to a builder of great systems and a leader of great people. 
  • Systems to navigate through this transition, and what it takes to truly work on your business.

BONUS! We will give you an implementation checklist outlining all the systems a healthy company needs, as well as a simple take-home exercise to help you clarify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business.

More information on registration for this session will be available closer to showtime. 

October 7, 2021
(Live at METALCON in Tampa)

Turning Your Strategic Plan into Measurable Action

Are you finding yourself too busy to plan the next big moves in your business? If you have been working so hard that you have no time to think ahead, this session is for you.

Every year your business has an opportunity to learn from the past and make strategic moves to evolve into the vision you initially set out to create. Without a disciplined approach to strategic planning, you may find yourself caught in a cycle of reacting to challenges and constantly putting out fires.

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step approach to create a simple, yet effective annual strategic plan. In this session, you will:

  • Establish your 2021 goals
  • Learn how to put the company’s strategic plan on one simple-to-understand page
  • Break your year-end goal down to 3-5 key initiatives you need to focus on

BONUS! You’ll get the ready-to-go systems to break initiatives down into a weekly focused routine that keeps your year on track.

More information on registration for this session will be available closer to showtime.