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METALCON / October 6-8 / 2021 Tampa

Metal Roof Installation Training: Certificate Course Part 1

  • Location: First Floor: Room 21
  • Session: WORKSHOP 1
Tuesday,October 05, 2021:1:00 PM -5:00 PM


Steve Maule
Engineering Manager
Steve Minunni
Product Representative
ATAS International Inc.


Business Envelope
This two-day, eight-hour certificate program is based on MCA's Metal Roof Installation Manual.  Participants can experience quality facetime with industry experts and get hands-on training in topics including substrates, safety, sealants, flashings, panel types and connections, tools, fasteners, maintenance and more.  Upon successful completion of the training program, individuals who prove themselves to be qualified will be presented with MCA's Metal Roofing Certificate of Completion. Registrants will have access to the Exhibit Hall as well where they will see examples of what they have just learned, further educate themselves on the metal systems and network with industry experts.  This also gives manufacturers access to a pool of individuals trained in proper methods of metal roof installation.  For those new to metal roofing, this program is a great opportunity to learn about the industry and experience practical training.
Early Bird: $400.00
Regular: $425.00


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