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Welcome to Tennsmith / Roper Whitney / Eckold, your market leaders for sheet metal fabricating machinery and metal forming equipment.

Tennsmith is an American Manufacturer of quality sheet metal tools and machinery located in McMinnville, TN. Teamed with our sister company Roper Whitney located in Rockford, IL and recently partnering with Eckold Machines out of Switzerland we now offer the most comprehensive product line-up for Bending, Folding, Forming, Notching, Punching and Shearing  – all designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process.

We can now link our folding machines directly to your office with real-time feedback of your shop floor. Using our state of the art Synergy control, with our exclusive Konstruct and Konstruct Mobile software systems, orders can be received, approved, entered and tracked through the bending process. To see everything we have to offer, schedule your trip to our technology center and see what we can do for you.

Tennsmith & Roper Whitney machines are proudly Made in the USA and backed by an industry leading 3-year factory warranty.

We welcome you to visit our local facilities to see how we design, work and build our machines. Nobody else can give you the same experience!

For more information visit us at www.tennsmith.com or www.roperwhitney.com

Brands: Tennsmith, Roper Whitney, Autobrake, Automax, Pexto, Connecticut


  • Evobend D300 Up/Down Folder

  • https://www.roperwhitney.com/evobend/

    » Folding Length: 126 in (3200 mm)
    » Backgauge Depth: 49 in (1250 mm)
    » Number of Legs: 4
    » Total Length: 181 in (4600 mm)
    » Total Depth: 71 in (1880 mm)
    » Total Height: 74 in (1875 mm)
    » Max. Capacity Mild Steel: 14 ga (2 mm)
    » Max. Capacity Aluminum: 1/8 in (3 mm)
    » Max. Capacity Stainless Steel: 18 ga (1.25 mm)

    The Evobend’s patented double bending system has been refined in a revolutionary way and enables unmatched bending freedom. The automated up-down folding capabilities allow you to form profiles while eliminating the operator manually flipping or rotating your part, making production faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. The added free space lets you configure complex profiles with more accuracy, while parallel, tapered, and overlapped profiles can be bent simultaneously.

    Due to the Evobends innovative design, previously impossible angles are now able to be processed. Up to 300° (150° up, 150° down) of bending freedom is unrivaled anywhere else on the market. This increases your flexibility when folding parts and allows for more demanding profiles to be produced at a lower cost.

  • Roper Whitney Automax + Long Folder

  • https://www.roperwhitney.com/our-products/automax-plus/

    Roper Whitney has been producing quality folding systems for a variety of markets. Building on that experience, the AutoMax Plus integrates advanced design with the features that have made the AutoMax Plus the choice of professionals. The AutoMax Plus combines automated bending of angles up to 145 degrees, material clamping, and material support into a single CNC controlled system employing wing bending techniques. Manufacturing, service, and applications support are based in Rockford, IL U.S.A.

    Benefits of the AutoMax system vs. press brake bending are:

    • Reduced labor costs
    • Improved part accuracy
    • Reduced setup time
    • Minimized tool changes
    • Improved part quality especially on soft and pre-painted material

    Standard Features

    • Technology so advanced and easy to use, even a novice worker can accurately create complex shapes in minutes
    • Capable of as many as 100 folds per program
    • Ideal for builders, metal part fabricators and roofing companies
    • Energy-saving hydraulics
    • Maximum fold angle of 145 degrees
    • International standard laser finger detection and other safety devices
    • Built-in slitter
    Bending Length

    21.3' / 6.5 m

    Maximum Bending Capacity Mild Steel

    14 ga / 2.0 mm

    Maximum Bending Capacity Stainless Steel

    16 ga / 1,6 mm

    Maximum Bending Capacity Aluminum

    1/8 in / 3,0 mm

    Maximum Slitting Capacity Mild Steel

    14 ga/ 2.0 mm

    Back Gauge Travel

    49 in / 1250 mm

    Number of Back Gauge Fingers (Standard)


    Minimum Back Gauge Distance (Gripping)

    0.787 in / 20 mm

    Minimum Back Gauge Distance (Pushing)

    0.394 in / 10 mm

    Number of C Frames


    Number of Bending Cylinders


    Width of Folding Beam

    0.394 in / 10 mm 1 in / 25 mm with reinforcement bar

    Folding Beam Maximum Bend

    145 degrees

    Standard Clamping Rail

    35 degrees

    Slitter Offset from Bending Point

    2.5 in / 70 mm

    Hydraulic Motor

    10 HP

    Pneumatic Supply

    6 bar / 1 CFM

  • Tennsmith SBS Series Straight Folders

  • https://tennsmith.com/product/sbs-series/

    The SBS Series incorporates a twin motor (Left and Right) direct drive system for the folding beam. This allows the system to be fast and extremely accurate. The twin motor design is capable of bending speeds up to 90 degrees per second. This design also eliminates torque build up commonly found on competitor’s chain drive folders. Torque build on a chain drive design will lead to uneven or “fade out” bends. The “fade out” is especially noticeable, on chain drive machines, when forming radius profiles. The SBS result, straight more even part production. Another advantage to this system is maintenance. Unlike with a chain drive folder, there are no adjustments needed to the SBS drive system.

    For maximum hemming capacity, a strong feature of the Tennsmith SBS Series is the center drive of the clamping system. The placement of the motor in the center of the machine maximizes power while reducing torque loss through the drive shaft. The twin support legs of the SBS provide positive resistance to the floor enhancing machine rigidity. The center placement of the clamping motor also benefits the forming of radius profiles. To achieve consistent radial shapes, it is very important to have even clamping pressure. Equal clamping pressure will ensure the part is formed evenly throughout the entire profile.

    The SBS Series come standard with crowning system. This crowning system gives owners the most complete adjustment of any standard sheet metal folder on the market today. Gone are the days of shimming your machine to achieve straight bends. The crowning system is easily adjusted and has a scaled face plate that reads 0 to 0.030”. This allows you to adjust your machine the same for a wide variety of materials time and time again. Another benefit of the SBS crowning system is radius profiles. With this set-up you will be able to accurately bend straight perfect radius profiles.

    Tennsmith SBS series back gauge

    The back gauge for the SBS Series features a twin ball screw design. The system is fast extremely accurate and incorporates 16 solid fingers. All three drive systems of the SBS Series: Folding beam, Clamping Beam and Back-gauge are controlled by frequency inverters, giving the SBS unbeatable accuracy and performance.

    The material support panels of the SBS are slotted. This allows the panels to be moved back for the bending of reverse or down flanges within the machine. Just one turn of the support panel knobs allows quick and easy adjustment.

    Features & Benefits

    • Low-maintenance design ensures fast service, minimum downtime.
    • Twin-motor folding beam drive system delivers accuracy and speed—up to 90 degrees per second.
    • Center clamping beam drive maximizes power and reduces torque loss.
    • Flash memory stores all machine information for fast upgrades and no on-site programming of replacement parts.
  • Roper Whitney 1014K Autobrake

  • https://www.roperwhitney.com/our-products/ab1014k/

    The AB1014K Autobrake® from Roper Whitney provides precision and repeatability when forming up to 10 feet of 14 gauge mild steel or lighter materials. This sheet metal brake is a high speed solution to make a variety of bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product. The unique Kombi box tooling adds to the machine’s straight and box folding capabilities to produce more complex shapes in less time. Various tooling options are provided to help customize to your specific needs, and can be provided in steel or hardened. It handles a wide range of materials, easily closes hems and withstands the force generated by maximum capacity.

    Standard Features

    – 30° Clamping Beam
    – 4” Kombi Box Tooling
    – Manual Crowning Adjustments
    – 61” Backgauge
    – Spring Steel Backgauge Fingers
    – 15” Touchscreen Monitor w/ Synergy Control
    – Konnect Software Package (Included While Under Warranty)

    Options & Upgrades

    – 0.984” / 25 mm Bending Bar
    – Hardened Tooling
    – Side Mounted Squaring-Arm
    – Left, Right or U-Shaped Backgauge Extensions
    – 10’ Safety Laser Scanner
    – Second Operator Foot Pedal (Front or Rear)
    – Rolling Foot Pedal
    – 18.5” Touchscreen Monitor w/ Synergy Control
    – Konstruct Offline Software

    The Synergy control offers high speed versatility to an end user. It offers multiple methods of programming from simple line-by-line to draw-to-auto program. Its network capabilities allow for multiple options, such as; Konnect, Konstruct, Mobile Konstruct, and overall shop management through linking multiple machines. See more information on the Synergy Software by Roper Whitney.

    Weight 9132 lbs
    Dimensions 159 × 89 × 68 in
    Bending capacity (Mild Steel)

    14 ga/ 2,0 mm

    Bending capacity (Stainless)

    16 ga/ 1,5 mm

    Bending length

    122 in/ 3100 mm

    Bending bars

    0.787 in/ 20 mm, 0.394/ 10 mm, 0.275 in/ 7 mm

    Back gauge depth (standard)

    61 in/ 1550 mm

    Clamping beam opening height

    7.3 in/ 185 mm

    Clamping beam straight bar tooling

    30 degrees

    Folding beam adjustment

    2 in/ 50 mm

    Crowning of the folding beam

    5-point 0” – 0.030” adjustment

    Working height

    34 in/ 864 mm

    Back gauge servo motor

    3/4 hp

    Clamping beam motor

    2 hp/ 1.5 kw

    Bending beam motor

    2 hp/ 1.5 kw

  • Tennsmith LM Series Mechanical Shears

  • https://tennsmith.com/product/lm-series/

    Models LM410, LM610, LM810, LM1012, LM1014 and LM1214 incorporate the unique 2x back gauge system. This allows the operator to move the backstop from 0 up to 30 inches (0 to 24 inches for Model LM410) in approximately 2 seconds with only two rotations of the handle. An optional digital readout is available for this system.

    The LM Series shears are standard with four edge, high carbon/high chromium (HCHC) top and bottom blades, independent, self-leveling hold-down feet with neoprene inserts, single, continuous and job stroke cycles, motor reverse switch, precision-machined table with hand well, dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs. The LM410 model incorporates all of the popular LM series features into this 52-1/2″ cutting length, 10-gauge mild steel capacity shear. Model LM610 has a rated capacity of 10-gauge mild steel with a maximum cutting length of 60-1/2 inches.

    Tennsmith’s LM1010 is equipped with a standard “GO TO” 30-inch back gauge system. The ballscrew-driven back gauge provides quick, accurate cuts. The LM1010 is powered by a 12-1/2-hp gear motor attached to a mechanical linkage which provides smooth, quiet operation.

    The LM1010 is rated at a maximum of 10-gauge material with a cutting width of 121 inches. To enhance productivity, optional equipment available for the machines include: five or ten-foot squaring arm, front support arms, light beam and protractor attachment. A rear drop sheet support system is available for the LM1010.

    Additionally, the LM1010-2x is equipped with the popular 2x manual back gauge option. This allows the operator to move the backstop from 0 to 30 inches in approximately two seconds with only two rotations of the handle. An optional digital readout is available for this system.


    The LM Series shears are now available in an optional “Performance Package” configuration which includes a 5′ squaring arm, a pair of front support arms, and an air operated sheet support is available in two styles:

    • System R drops the supported material to the rear of the machine.
    • System F returns the supported material to the front of the machine via a front return chute.

    If you are adding a shears product to your quote and are interested in the optional Performance Package, follow link below to select your system to add to quote.

  • Roper Whitney Autokut +

  • https://www.roperwhitney.com/our-products/autokut-plus-2/

    Roper Whitney’s AutoKut Plus Slit-to-Width and Cut-to-Length Line comes with more features and automation than the standard AutoKut. The straightening and feed rollers and slitting shaft adjustments are automatically controlled with the touch of a button as opposed to manually adjusted via levers and gauges.

    The AutoKut Plus is intelligently engineered and economically priced for all of its users needs. They’re designed for long term serviceability with all mechanisms on the outside of the machine, slitter and guillotine blade changes are easy to perform and do not require disassembly of machine. The AutoKut Plus is designed so that is can be operated on either side of the machine, and the touchscreen operator interface is easy to use. The AutoKut Plus has a maximum speed of 85 ft. per minute and can accommodate coils up to 49″ wide. Materials can be slit in thicknesses up to 20 gauge mild steel and blanked in thicknesses up to 18 gauge. The AutoKut Plus comes standard with 5 pairs of slitting blades, the slitter blades can be re-positioned quickly and accurately with the simple setup gauge. Shear cycle time is approximately 1 second.

    Weight 4055 lbs
    Dimensions 72 × 66 × 46 in
    Maximum Slitting Capacity (5 Knifes Engaged)

    Mild Steel – 20 gauge / 1.0mm

    Stainless Steel – 24 gauge / 0.61mm

    Aluminum – 18 gauge / 1.25mm

    Maximum Blanking Capacity

    Mild Steel – 18 gauge / 1,25mm

    Stainless Steel – 22 gauge / 0,76mm

    Aluminum – 16 gauge / 1,61mm

    Maximum Material Width

    49.250” / 1250 mm

    Minimum Material Width

    8” / 200 mm

    Number of Straightening Rolls

    3 (1 over 2)

    Minimum Slit Width

    2 3/8” / 60 mm

    Minimum Edge Trim

    ¼” / 6.4 mm

    Number of Slitting Knives


    Slitting Speed Variable

    85 FPM / 25 MPM

    Drive Motor

    3 hp / 2.2 kw

    Guillotine Motor

    2 hp / 1.5 kw

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