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METALCON / October 6-8 / 2021 Tampa

Rob Haddock

Founder/CEO, S-5!
Director, Metal Roof Advisory Council


Rob Haddock is president of Colorado Springs, CO-based Metal Roof Advisory Group. He is a well-recognized authority on metal roofing, a technical writer for several trade publications, inventor, educator, and charter inductee of the Metal Construction Hall of Fame. He is a member of the NRCA, ASTM, MBMA, CSI, MBCEA, ASCE, ASHRAE and MCA. He teaches for the University of Wisconsin, FRSA, NRCA, RCI, and others. Rob’s technical writings have been translated into six languages and he has lectured at various events in at least nine countries. Rob is a down-to-earth, hands-on guy who has a knack for making technical subjects easy for his audiences to understand.


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