Valspar Teams up with CENTRIA to Provide Architectural Solution for Neil Armstrong Academy

When Granite School District in West Valley City, Utah was looking to build a new elementary school dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math, its goal was to design more than just an ordinary education facility. 

How to Prepare for your Metal Roofing Jobs

Our friends over at recently published an article that pertains to a lot of the metal roofers out there. Contributing to the article was Harry Schouten of Advanced Architectural Sheet Metal & Supply.

World’s Smallest Work Site We received an email yesterday with this video and we thought it was exciting. Considering it is a mini construction site with mini equipment we think it is cool. Anyhow, thanks to our good friend for sending this along. Enjoy your Hump Day with this video.

UberBlox™ modular metal construction set to launch via Kickstarter

So in reading through some headlines today about our industry, I ran into this interesting product, UberBlox. It is a new metal construction and prototyping set that which has a single connecting mechanism. So it appears that it can be used for modular 

Low Maintenance Home with a Metal Roof

Tri-Valley Dispatch – Rosie Romero – For years, I’ve talked to homeowners about how to maintain the typical Arizona house. I give out hours and hours of advice on roofing, insulation, air conditioners, painting, termites, cracking stucco walls and more. 

Friday Fun – Create the Caption

Look at these geniuses, I mean seriously why even order that type of machinery if you are going to do this. They might as well get some ladders. You know the drill create a funny caption for this image.

Registration is now OPEN!!!

Registration for METALCON is now open.  You can register by clicking here and it is probably a good idea to do it early. Do you really want to miss the best construction show in the industry? I mean it is specialized to metal construction but it is still the best. Consider 

Yellow Metal Brick Road to OZ

I’ve been thinking recently about new products or ideas that the metal construction industry could use or maybe they already have them and I just haven’t encountered it. So lately the thought of