Magnificent Metal Monday – One of a Kind “VAB”

While this forum is typically told in a “third-party voice,” every once in a while, I share from a personal experience. Last week, I had the unique and awe-inspiring opportunity to visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center located on Merritt Island in Florida. While the use of metal and steel is abundant throughout the entire center, …

MCN 2022 Contests are Underway

Time to Nominate your favorites in Metal Building!

Construction Safety Training Saves Money and Lives

Is it worth your company’s time and money to invest in preventative safety training? The answer is a resounding YES! According to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), “The charts and summaries in the 2020 Safety Performance Report present the clearest picture yet of the remarkable impact that leading indicator use has on a company’s safety …

Book your Hotel for METALCON now

You heard us right, housing is OPEN! We’ve opened it earlier this year so that you can take advantage of the early bird pricing on the official hotels

San Antonio emergency responders rescue construction worker from concrete

Late last night we saw this story come through and we are truly happy that the construction worker turned out ok. We applaud our public safety officials who were able to help this man.

Firefighters Complain about Metal Roofs

A few months back you may recall I had touched on the firefighters and metal roofs subject, well, looks like it isn’t going away. Ultimately, before voicing an opinion we would like for you to read the article so that 

Steel Falls Nine Floors Onto Workers

Grant Prior – Construction  Enquirer – Two workers were left with broken bones but escaped with their lives after being struck by a length of steel that fell from nine floors above them. 

Construction Safety Music Video

Thought this was actually really well done, even though many of you may not be hip-hop fans, the message gets delivered perfectly. Check the video out and

Want to be Cool?

We’ve posted every day that registration is open and the goal is to reinforce the thinking that you need to register as soon as possible. Think of it this way when you buy your plane tickets to go on vacation