85 Days Until METALCON

Since we love new features here at METALCON, we are going to start a new one beginning tomorrow. We are going to profile an exhibitor each day until day 1 of METALCON. Who we profile and 

New Features Coming

I’ve been thinking about some new features for the blog and will begin using some of the ideas I have come with in the next week. I’d also like to open this up to anyone that 

100th Blog Post

I realized that our blog has officially hit 100 posts so we’ve decided we should celebrate the fact that we have reached that impressive number! We always welcome contributions to the

Mile High Stadium – Magnificent Metal Monday Flashback

So I realize that with the holiday on Monday we weren’t able to post our weekly, favorite feature for Magnificent Metal Mondays. Not to worry though, I’ve taken it upon myself to go back in time or flashback on what I would have posted. Since, we are