Rob is a metal roofing expert who has worked in the industry for five decades―as a laborer, then contractor, forensic consultant, technical author, educator, innovator, and CEO and founder of S-5! He is a member of NRCA, ASHRAE, ASCE, CSI and ASTM and a lifetime honorary member of MBCEA and MCA.  Rob holds 60+ patents and innovated the concept of seam clamps to attach roof accessories to standing seam roof profiles.  He has served as faculty for the Roofing Industry Educational Institute, the Roof Consultants Institute and the University of Wisconsin. Rob is a recipient of numerous awards and was a charter inductee to the Metal Construction Hall of Fame. His presentations and technical writings have been translated and published in at least 10 languages, yet he is a down-to-earth, hands-on speaker who has a knack for making technical subjects easy for his audience to understand.