Cladding Safety in Light of Global Fires


Join the MCA’s Metal Composite Material (MCM) Alliance all-star panel as they discuss fire safety material and building fire testing.  This course’s purpose is to build trust and understanding of value in the NFPA 285 Multi-Story Fire test for the overall fire performance of a wall assembly in the real world. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is all about safety and no threat to life, and the NFPA 285 tests the construction wall assembly containing “combustible” materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what the NFPA 285 tells us about cladding performance
  • Understand the assembly relationship between continuous combustible insulation, weather resistive barriers, (WRB’s), location and size of ventilation space, MCM Cladding, and the NFPA 285 requirements.
  • Discover when the NFPA 285 applies per the IBC requirements.
  • Why engineering evaluations are a necessary component and why it is important to offer an alternative to specific direction of the code.
  • Find out what trust in the NFPA 285 means

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10-13-22 @ 03:45 PM to
10-13-22 @ 04:45 PM


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