The Total Solar Solution


The benefits of metal building construction incorporating roof mounted solar panels and wall solar air heating panels can greatly benefit the efficiency of a building and the comfort of its occupants. Both solar systems may contribute to LEED® credits. Learn how standing seam metal roofing is the ideal choice for rooftop mounted solar panels, utilizing a non-penetrating rail-less mounting system. A metal roof’s long service life will outlast the solar panels’ performance, thus avoiding roof replacement while the solar panels are still generating power. Additionally, highly reflective roofs with cooler rooftop temperatures result in better performance of solar panels.  Solar air heating panels mounted on the wall collect heat from the sun to supplement a building’s heating system, by drawing preheated fresh air into it. As stated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Heating outside air is often the single most expensive energy budget item in a building, which can be reduced by using transpired solar collector panels. Solar air heating is a simple, renewable, and efficient technology using the sun as a source of heat. These panels can be installed on exterior building walls and used for heating building space, outside air, and process hot air.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand solar photovoltaic systems are a renewable energy source.
  • Explain why a metal roof is a perfect solar platform proving to be the most economical and most eco-friendly.
  • Realize why non-penetrating mounting systems are beneficial, increase safety and efficiency.
  • Understand solar air heating and drying technology and describe the system components and installation of a transpired solar collector.
  • Explain how transpired solar collectors function
  • Discover the features and benefits of transpired solar and the design considerations for feasibility.

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10-12-22 @ 11:30 AM to
10-12-22 @ 12:30 PM

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