OPENING KEYNOTE: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Thermodynamic Lunch – How Changing Energy Flow Changes Everything

Join Joe Lstiburek as he delves into the world of energy flow.  As the AEC industry significantly improves energy efficiency and moves on from traditional materials there are consequences that need to be addressed.  In the past, buildings constructed with traditional materials that got wet, readily dried, because drying is an energy exchange: more energy flow = higher drying potentials.

Today’s modern energy efficient buildings have low drying potentials due to their energy efficient products.  Therefore they need low wetting potentials. Current practices are NOT sufficient to address this, and have not adjusted to match modern energy efficient products.

For example, traditional buildings were air leaky and modern buildings are not, so HVAC systems need to adapt to these new situations.  Traditional materials are significantly more moisture robust – modern materials are not.

Dr. Joe Lstiburek explores what steps need to be taken for current design and construction practices to match the advances of the energy efficient world creating a complete symbiotic energy efficient building. Architects are the key.  When have you ever heard an engineer say that?

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