Winners and Losers: Those Who Control Their Metal Prices Versus Those Who Don’t

A tipping point is upon us in the metals industry. The US is the most volatile flat-rolled steel market in the world, and that volatility – as recent years have proven – is only increasing. The result will be life or death for those who control their price risk versus those who don’t. Those who embrace risk management, hedging and updated buying paradigms will survive and have the opportunity to thrive. Those who don’t will be beat or bought by those who do.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the greatest risk to your company’s enterprise value, regardless of if you are a manufacturer or contractor, is uncontrolled commodities price risk. For us at METALCON, that risk is most acute in volatile steel prices
  • Gain insights into the engrained buying behaviors that are limiting your ability to create enterprise value, lessening your chances of attracting credit and capital, and will ultimately lead to the downfall of those companies who are unable to evolve their buying practices. 
  • Understand how to engineer commodity price risk out of your business using risk management practices, including hedging, to secure long-term fixed pricing. Along with other benefits, this allows manufacturers to provide customers with consistent pricing and enables contractors to provide long-term bids without escalation.
  • Learn how the growth of the paper markets are driving changes in the physical market, including insights from Brian Partyka, Vice President of Carlisle Architectural Metals, who will share his company’s experiences embracing risk management.


This session is FREE to attend and will be located in the Best Practices Learning Center. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and space is limited.


Jeremy Flack
Flack Global metals

In 2010, Jeremy Flack founded Flack Global Metals (FGM) with the mission to reinvent how metal is bought and sold. Thirteen years later, FGM has evolved into a hybrid organization combining an innovative flat-rolled metals distributor, a financial services firm supported by the most sophisticated ferrous trading desk in the industry known as Flack Metal Bank (FMB), and an investment platform focused on steel-consuming OEMs called Flack Manufacturing Investments (FMI). As CEO, Jeremy has successfully created the first business platform to combine physical material distribution with financial futures, all with the goal of creating certainty for its customers as well as FGM itself.


Date And Time

10/18/23 at 02:15 PM to
03:15 PM



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