Roof Hugger LLC

Lutz,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1819

Welcome to METALCON and Charlotte. The Roof Hugger Team wants to meet you at our Booth no. 1819. See our factory-notched retrofit sub-purlins installed at the MCA "Rev Em' Up" Championship Roofing Games.

Roof Hugger, LLC manufactures the most stringently tested "Metal-over-Metal" retrofit sub-purlin systems in the metal re-roofing marketplace.  Systems accommodate any existing metal roof configuration from PBR panel or to vertical rib and trapezoidal standing seams and corrugated roofs. You pick your new metal roof to be installed over the Hugger sub-framing. Hugger's factory-notched sub-purlins add strength to the existing building's roof purlins, which helps to compensate for their additional imposing weight and the weight of the new metal roof being installed.  This unique capability also enables the new roof to be engineered to meet current and more stringent wind uplift and snow loads as required by local governing building codes.

Sub-purlins are manufactured to fit over standard 6" to 12" on center ribbed panels, any width trapezoidal standing seam systems, any width vertical rib standing seams and virtually any other metal roof profile.  Standard products for the 12" on center R-Panel and for 24" Trapezoidal Standing Seam roofs can ship with 2-3 days after order acceptance and clarification.  Any other sub-purlin profile ships usually within 15 days.

Roof Hugger is the most stringently independent laboratory tested retrofit sub-purlin system in the Nation.  Over 85 million square feet of old metal roofs have been retrofitted using Roof Hugger sub-framing systems since 1991.  Other systems available are Corru-Fit Sub-framing for existing corrugated metal roofs and Roof Floater, which is a sub-framing system that enables a thru-fastened screw-down roof to expand and contract.

Roof Hugger is a member company of LSI Group, Inc. of Logansport, IN.  Other LSI companies are Building Products Development (BPD), Logan Stampings and Logan Fabrication.

Brands: Model "C", Model "D" and Model "T" factory-notched retrofit sub-purlins


  • ROOF HUGGER - Metal over Metal Retrofit Framing
    Roof Hugger's are sub-purlins used to allow a new metal roof to be installed over and existing metal roof.
    They are made to fit any style of existing metal roof; standard profiles can be shipped within 3 days, custom parts typically within 2 weeks....

  • Roof Hugger’s are 10’- 12' long, tested, high strength, structurally correct, 16 ga., 0.060”min., G-90, 50 ksi, “Z” shaped sub-purlins, specifically notched to let the ribs of any existing metal panel pass through the  vertical leg of the “Z”. 

    This unique, highly tested, retrofit system allows any new metal roof to be installed over an existing metal roof in a code compliant method.  Leaving the old metal roof in place will minimize any disruption to current building operations, save construction time, money and allow for thermal upgrading of the existing building.

    They can also bring the existing building up to the current building code and even "Harden" it beyond the code if requested.  They are compatable with any new roof panel and are ideal for upgrading from screwdown to standing seam metal roofing.