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Visit us at Booth 423 to learn more about ABIS, Inc. and ADJUTANT 20/20, the software we designed specifically for the Metal Construction Industry.

Visit Booth 423 to learn more about ABIS consulting & the software we designed specifically for the Metal Construction Industry.

ABIS is a business consulting company with a powerful software suite that supports metal manufacturers & construction companies in creating growth and streamlining processes. The suite includes but is not limited to:

  • ERP
  • MRP
  • KPI’s
  • Document Mgmt
  • Wireless Warehouse

To accomplish this, ABIS built ADJUTANT 20/20, an end to end software suite for the Metal industry.  We compiled 30+ years of best-practices from over 300 companies & 20+ years working directly with the Metal Construction Industry. Several industry-specific modules have been designed specifically for you, allowing automation for:

  • IAS AC472 Accreditation
  • MBMA Reporting
  • Engineering Software Integration
  • Rollformer Software Integration
  • “Trim Genius” feature

Updated monthly, ADJUTANT 20/20 is the most customizable automation software on the market!  With millions of setup options for all sized and types of operations, we deliver a completely customized software suite without the extreme costs or long lead times of custom development.  Don’t lose you competitive advantage by migrating to a canned software package.  Allow our metal consultants to analyze your operation and deliver the modules and tools you need to crush your competition.    

Whether you’re estimating costs, managing labor, materials, and production, managing projects in the field, delivering products, invoicing, or tracking shipping, ADJUTANT 20/20 allows you to manage every aspect of your business. The ABIS Consulting team will help you automate operations, shorten business processes, mistake proof operations and maximize profitability.  Request a demo today!

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  • (Apr 02, 2019)

    At ABIS, we understand it takes more than an intuitive, industry specific software suite to make your business truly efficient.  To finally take control over your day, you cannot simply recreate your paper forms in software.  True automation takes a reimagining of your process, a deep understanding of what tasks can and should be automated, and experience in the field of change management to determine and suggest the new Best Practices your company will live and thrive by, all from an informed and well vetted perspective.

    That is why the ABIS consulting group offers a Needs Analysis; a top to bottom evaluation of your company from independent experts in the Metal Industry.  We clinically evaluate your current situation, gain an understanding of what your goals are, identify the gaps in your process and the threats or barriers that are keeping you from reaching those goals.  We then write a comprehensive plan of action, steps in both process and software you can use to take back hours of inefficient work and make your time more meaningful.  This analysis will clearly define what your company needs to reach your goals, and the path your need to follow to get there.

    This can only be accomplished by personally meeting your team and seeing your business in action.  We send one of our Subject Matter Experts to your location for a two-day onsite evaluation.  Our SME’s have spent hundreds of hours inside Metal companies, so we know what it takes to grow, automate, and expand into new markets.  We have seen firsthand what has been successful in your market, not to mention we have heard stories of what has failed for others in the past.  We benchmark your company against the best in a variety of industries and bring those best practices to your operation.  Best practices to automate and instill lean principles in every department, all to help you grow and improve your margins.

    Visit us at Booth 423 receive a 20% discount on our best-selling Needs Analysis.  Normally a $12,500 value, if you sign during the show your discounted price will be $10,000 (before travel).  Ask about additional discounts if you sign and pay during the show.


  • Production by Adjutant
    Adjutant’s Production features automate manufacturing/assembly with clear visibility into each step & full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed based on a BOM with detailed inventory tracking....

  • Adjutant’s Production features automate manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, with clear visibility into each step of the process and full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed for assembly or fabrication based on a Bill of Materials with allocations and detailed inventory tracking. Scheduling and creating work orders happens with the push of a button from the sales order. Production work can be generated all at once, by department, or by individual line item depending on how your shop operates.

    Adjutant’s Bill of Material defines the relationship between a manufactured or processed item and the component materials or tasks required to assemble it. It maintains unlimited levels of component breakdowns and works equally well for manufacturing and process industries. The Bill of Material allows both physical items and standard tasks to be components in the production process. To accommodate real world manufacturing, we have extensive support for substitution of alternate items at the time of processing. Alternate Items can have completely different requirements for quantities than the normal bill of material. For example, a build may take 5 1-inch screws or 4 1.5-inch screws.

    Working in conjunction with the Production and Bill of Material modules, Production Work Order Routing facilitates the scheduling and management of a production work-flow environment. It manages the execution of a predetermined schedule and automatically updates the schedule based on a variety of variables. Increase productivity, decrease costs, and receive better labor and material projections with the Adjutant Routing module. The Production Scheduling tool offers a way to manage the production work orders in your shop with an on-screen display based on production plant and due date. From one screen, you can quickly find orders using common filters and reschedule, reprint, or change orders with just a few clicks.

    The deep integration with other Adjutant applications and detailed tracking for every step of the process provides you with complete visibility into the production process. Inventory accounting is immediately created both for work-in-process allocation and final assembly. Detailed reports offer a complete accounting picture of raw material costs and finished good inventory value. The finished product is created as a new item in inventory, and the entire life cycle of the finished good is trackable from production to sale.

    Handling production discrepancies or material assignment issues are quick and simple to correct. Common production corrections are easily handled with the press of a button. Adjutant’s detailed tracking, powerful reporting and production management tools help you find issues as soon as they happen and makes it easy to correct the situation. Plus, the production module has built-in safety checks that help alert you to allocation mistakes, incorrect materials, incomplete assemblies, and many more issues that can slow you down, cost you money, or harm you customer satisfaction level.

  • Coil Tagging & Tracking
    Any company in the metal construction industry realizes the importance of tracking coils throughout their product life cycle. Adjutant’s coil tracking features automates this time-consuming and paper-heavy process....

  • Any company in the metal construction industry realizes the importance of tracking coils throughout their product life cycle. Adjutant’s coil tracking features automates this time-consuming and paper-heavy process. Coils are assigned a special item attribute that prompts special reflexes throughout Adjutant which are unique to coil material. Receiving coil triggers special prompts and coil tag printing. Coil weight and unit cost conversions are handled uniquely with more options for seeing the weights and costs for coil. Also, there are special setup optimizations for handling coil that make processes like slitting and modifying quick and simple. Adjutant’s coil tracking features give you visibility into the entire life cycle of a coil, from its purchase to the last job it was used for.

    It begins with purchasing. Purchasing information, including mill details, material details, and original measurement data is automatically stored for each coil using a unique lot number. Coil tag labels with critical details and bar code features are printed immediately upon receipt and may be reprinted at any time. Coil receipt default information can be defined which allow you to quickly and easily store valuable reporting and tracking information for each received coil.

    Coils are simultaneously tracked in both pounds and linear feet, and a separate cost per unit is stored for each. This built-in flexibility allows for deeper analysis of costs and additional reporting options.

    Document Imaging allows documents to be stored either with the original purchase order and directly with each unique coil. Each coil has its own Document Vault that contain the critical documents and files, such as MTRs, available to review with the click of a mouse. No more searching through file cabinets or maintaining piles of paper documents for years and years.

    Adjutant makes it easy to track every moment of a coil’s life cycle using a variety of reports and on-screen displays. Every system action affecting the inventory quantity or value of the coil is recorded and time-stamped for complete traceability. The coil history display contains all the critical information, along with drill-down functionality into each associated document so you can research deeper just by clicking. Plus, the history log can easily be printed, emailed or exported to share with the neces­sary people
  • Logistics & Shipping Events
    The Shipping Events module gives your shipping department complete control over pending shipments. The tools available with Adjutant Shipping Events provide maximum visibility of your packing, loading, and shipping operations from start to finish....

  • The Shipping Events module gives your shipping department complete control over pending shipments. The tools available with Adjutant Shipping Events provide maximum visibility of your packing, loading, and shipping operations from start to finish. Shipping Events is deeply integrated with the inventory, sales, and production modules so you are always notified during the shipping process of any issues with inventory levels or items that are not ready to load. Shipping details are shared between the integrated applica­tions, so it is always easy to drill-down from sales orders or inven­tory screens to find the shipping record from almost any starting point.

    Bills of Lading can be created with the click of a mouse directly from a Shipping Event record with everything you need already filled out. Plus, the Bill of Lading document is stored and linked to the Shipping Event, so you can easily recreate it if needed.

    The Shipping Events application is incredibly flexible and has been designed to work in almost any operational environment. Whether you load single order ship­ments, or complex delivery routes, or a combination of both, Adjutant’s Shipping Events module has it covered. It even handles automating scheduled inter-plant transfer shipments for inventory management.

    The Delivery Route management features included with Shipping Events allows you to create simple or complex scheduled routes that can be updated automati­cally based on the Ship To location. The reporting and management tools avail­able with Delivery Routes allow you to review all orders on a route, or individu­al orders inside of a route and see all of the critical information you need to adjust scheduling or loads. Load reports can be generated by truck or individual order.

    When combined with the Wireless Warehouse module, your shipping operations can reach new levels of automation and accountability. Loads can be packaged and bundled with hand held scanners using a simple, prompt-driven interface that anyone can master. Carton labels that contain all of the shipment details, and even labels that can print the carton contents, are printed automatically as shipments are prepared. Wireless scanner activity is updated live in Adjutant so every­one can see the real-time status of shipping activity. There is no syncing or manual uploading required.

  • Wireless Warehouse
    Adjutant’s Wireless Warehouse (WMS) was built from the ground up, applying only the best principles and practices from the top experts in the warehousing industry. It utilizes wireless bar code technology and provides real-time visibility your warehouse....

  • Adjutant’s Wireless Warehouse (WMS) was built from the ground up, applying only the best principles and practic­es from the top experts in the warehousing industry. It utilizes incredibly stable, wireless bar code technology and provides comprehensive, real-time visibility of every activity in your warehouse. WMS handles receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and complete inventory manage­ment. And because Adjutant Wireless Warehouse is mod­ular and scalable, you can be assured it will be the perfect fit for your company.

    WIRELESS SHIPPING INTERFACE - WMS can revo­lutionize your loading and shipping operations with real-time activities happening on the shop floor up­dating every associated screen in Adjutant instantly. Everyone will see loading activities and shipping sta­tus updates as they happen. The shipping integration module covers creating, labeling, and loading cartons all from the wireless scanner. There are also built-in scanner tools for managing your cartons during the process. Labels are printed automatically from scanner operations and all labels include the bar codes needed to make working with carton operations as simple as scanning a bar code. The scanner process also covers loading the trucks with packed cartons, making the entire process and end-to-end solution that is fast and easy for everyone to understand.

    WIRELESS INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - The WMS integration with Adjutant’s Inventory Man­agement system can make inventory cycle counts so easy that you’ll want to do them more often. Cycle counts can be created and sent directly to certain scanners, so the counters are assigned to exactly the inventory locations or items that they need to cover. No more confused or missed counts. The cycle count prompts on the scanners walk your employees through the process offering little room for error. Cycle counts can be quick, painless, and most of all accurate. Scanners can also be used to check inventory levels, manage inventory loca­tions, and produce inventory labels on-the-fly. Item shelf labels are bar coded to make quick inventory checks for on-hand levels simple and fast.

    WIRELESS PRODUCTION - Adjutant’s Wireless Shop Floor integration with the Production module can eliminate the paper trails and hand-written assembly details that slow down production and cause errors. Your shop floor em­ployees can scan and assign the right quantities directly at the source and complete the assembly process just by following a few on-screen prompts. The production scanner prompts keep your employees on track with a repeatable, easy-to-follow process that checks for errors as they go. Scanner operators are immediately notified of material assignment differences and prompted to verify any discrepancies. Scanner logs track every operation and full scanning history logs are available to show each user and scan, so you can follow up on any training issues. Hand-written mate­rial assignments can’t do that.

    Production scanner prompts are also flexible and Adjutant has unique prompts that offer customizations for the different ways your production process flows.

    Adjutant’s Wireless Shop Floor also provides tools for managing coil inventory on the floor, performing and recording inspections, processing scrap, and pro­ducing labels for finished goods. With a few scanners in the right place, you can control the production floor by vastly improving efficiency, increasing visi­bility, eliminating paperwork bottlenecks, reducing errors, and creating easy to follow processes that keep your team moving.

  • Industry Specific Integrations
    Adjutant is the only ERP that is closely tied with the MBMA and with other well-respected Metal specific firms. We are working to create an integrated marketplace that eliminates mistakes, reduces costs and speeds up the pace of business....

  • ESTIMATING SOFTWARE BOM - Our Estimating Software In­tegration module has been designed and customized over the years to import a Bill of Material (BOM) file directly from your estimating software into an excel spread­sheet and then into Adjutant. The import process links the BOM file to a specific sales order in Adjutant, cre­ates the order, and ties the BOM order directly to your customer’s specific building project. Adjutant uses an estimating file BOM to Adjutant item code match-up sys­tem that learns as you go. This means that the import process gets faster and easier the more you use it, because previously matched items are remembered, making each new import a little faster.

    Adjutant has worked with Metal Building Software (MBS) files for years. We have added functionality and integrated new details from the MBS file formats consistently for our customers. The amount of detail and configuration informa­tion that can flow directly from MBS into your final production orders will keep your orders accurate and help avoid costly mistakes.

    MBMA REPORTING - The Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association (MBMA) is able to provide all of the connections and benefits to it’s member network because of the reporting they require from it’s member. Adjutant has worked with MBMA to develop turnkey solutions for two of it’s most complex reporting requirements. Adjutant automates the monthly and quarterly data reporting process with reports that provide the electronic file and the reporting data need­ed to comply with MBMA with the push of a button. Following Adjutant best practices for building order processing makes MBMA reporting a quick process that anyone can handle. There is no need to keep special logs or putting in extra work every month to recreate the unique details that MBMA requires. Let Adjutant do it for you with the press of a button.

    ROLL FORMER/MACHINE INTEGRATION - Eliminate the need for keying in data into your roll former for produc­tion. Adjutant currently interfaces directly with AMS’s Eclipse software, Beck Automation’s SmartComm and Connex Softwares, and ASC’s proprietary software.

    Adjutant’s built-in Roll Former Production Scheduling module integrates directly with your roll former controller, thus eliminating the need to manually enter each job. Once the job is keyed in as an order, it seam­lessly flows through production and to the machine. This not only greatly reduc­es labor costs, but also eliminates data entry errors and costly mistakes that occur when having to enter a job more than once.

    It also performs the task of relieving your coil inventory when the machine completes each job because the module is inte­grated with your machines. The coil number(s), lineal footage, scrap amount, time and date, and other critical information is automatically posted back to the production system.

    And, we are preparing to introduce additional integrations with SWI Marxman machines that will be available soon.









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