Hot Melt Technologies, Inc.

Rochester Hills,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 1036

Welcome to Hot Melt Technologies, Inc. We are the leading supplier of Hot Melt Seam Sealant Application Equipment. Our equipment integrates to all makes of rollformers for in-line sealant dispensing.

Hot Melt Technologies manufactures dispensing equipment for in-line hot melt sealant application. Our equipment is integrated to all makes of rollformers. HMT PROFLEX and BENCHMARK sealant dispensing systems thermally apply HMT-8101 or HMT-3388 sealant to meet extended warranty, low slope roof, architectural and government specifications.

Hot Melt Technologies dispensing systems are also used for multiple product assembly applications which include Insulated Glass Assembly, Window Mfg., Asphalt Shingle Mfg., Insulation Lamination, Concrete Form Mfg., HVAC, Packaging, etc. HMT additionally offers sealants and adhesives to provide you a single source for many of your bonding and sealing needs.

Contact us to discuss any of these applications or to review any new opportunity you may have.