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Thank you for your interest in Swenson Shear. If you're looking for tools to make cutting roofing material easier and more efficient, you've come to the right place. Please contact us for more information.

For over 55 years Swenson Shear has manufactured innovative tools to ease the difficulty, improve the quality, and speed the process of metal panel preparation and installation. Swenson Shear works continuously to provide the highest quality metal panel preparation systems for concealed fastener panels, exposed fastener panels, and stone coated steel. All our tools are top quality and built in the USA. Each tool is proven to save you time and money on the jobsite while making sure quality is never compromised.

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  • (Jul 15, 2019)

    The Heavy Duty Pivot Shear (48 inch cutting)

    Retails: $1,095 plus shipping

    Tradeshow Special: $995 plus shipping

    Soffit and Siding Shear (20 inch cutting)

    Retails: $695 plus shipping

    Tradeshow Special: $495 plus shipping

  • The SnapTable Pro is is an all-in-one panel preparation system for preparing and installing standing seam metal roofing. This tool is designed to perfect and speed-up your panel preparation process while producing factory like cuts. This complete system is made up of 3 key components: the standing seam notcher, the panel cutter, and the eave and valley hemmer. The SnapTable Pro adds quality and saves time on any commercial or residential job. It is equipped to notch, cut & hem your snap lock and standing seam profiles at your eves, hips and valleys. This machine is manually operated by one person and requires no electricity.

    How the SnapTable PRO works

    Retail: $16,995 plus shipping

    Tradeshow Special: $14,995 plus shipping


  • The SnapTable PRO
    The SnapTable Pro is an all-in-one panel preparation system for preparing and installing standing seam metal roofing. This tool is designed to perfect and speed-up your panel preparation process while producing factory like cuts....

  • Features:

    • Meant for standing-seam and snap-lock metal roof panels
    • Compatible with any manufacturers' panels or panel roll forming machine
    • Provides consistent notches, cuts and hems at your eaves, hips and valleys
    • Produces factory-like cuts
    • Allows operator to create a tab to close the rib of the metal panel
    • Manually operated by one person
    • Does not require electricity
    • Minimizes material waste
    • Additional dies available to accomodate multiple panel profiles
    • Transportable


    Panel Width Size 12 inches - 24 inches
    Notching Offset 29 inches
    Cutter / Hemmer Maximum Angle 60 inches
    Cutter / Hemmer Rotating Capabilities 360 degrees
    Recommended Panel Thickness Up to 20 gauge

  • The Heavy Duty Pivot Shear
    The Heavy Duty Pivot Shear is user-friendly and guarantees a clean cut every time by eliminating burred edges and flying metal. Our shear was designed and manufactured in the USA and aims to make cutting exposed fastener panel as easy as possible....

  • This shear features interchangable blades and comes with one custom blade set of your choice. Each blade set is custom made to accommodate a specific profile and pitch however, the gable blades can be cheated 1/12 up or down from the blade set ordered. The base of the shear is built to accommodate these custom made interchangeable blades. In order to achieve an angled cut or accommodate multiple panel profiles, additional blade sets are required.

    Shear Specifications

    Panel Size Up to 48 inches
    Reccomended Panel Thickness Up to 24 gauge
    Cut Length Capacity 48 inches

    Blade Information

    Straight Blade Will shear straight at 90* and up to a 2/12 gable
    4/12 Gable Blade Achieves between 3/12 - 5/12 gable
    7/12 Gable Blade Achieves between 6/12 - 8/12 gable
  • Stone Coat Cutter
    The Stone Coat Cutter is designed for use on a multitude of applications from stone coated metal shake and shingle to 14 gauge stainless flat sheet. This go-to tool is safe, efficient and will give you a clean cut every time....

  • This easily transportable tool gives an even and smooth cut on stone coated materials. It’s equipped with a dual blade that is made of long-lasting, high carbon steel. 


    • Dual edge blade for double the cutting life
    • Removable legs for ease of transportation
    • Ideal for stone coated shing and shake steel panels
    • Weighs 65 pounds
  • Eave and Valley Hemmer
    This tool provides perfect lines on your valleys consistently. Your hems will always look in sync regardless of who did the hemming! This tool works on all panel profiles and helps achieve a perfect hem in seconds....

  • This tool has a rotating table top and adjustable teeth to always provide an even amount of pressure to your hems. To accommodate an angle, simply unlock the clamp and rotate the table top to the desired angle.


    • Rotation: 360 degrees
    • Length: 64 inches
    • Hemming Capabilities: Up to 60 inches
  • Soffit and Siding Shear
    The soffit and siding shear is the premier tabletop shear ideal for cutting soffit, metal shingles or siding. This shear will deliver a seamless cut in seconds....

  • This tools eliminates burred edges and flying metal. 


    • Recommended Panel Thickness: 24 gauge
    • Interchangable blades
  • Standing Seam Notcher
    The Stand Seam Notcher is a component of the SnapTable Pro. It notches the standing seam ribs on both male and female sides of the panel leaving crisp and clean edges....

  • This tool can be used for straight cuts or your leading and trailing edges. The Standing Seam Notcher is panel width adjustable.


    • Includes one notcher set of your choice
    • Notching Offset: 29 inches
    • Panel Widths: 12 inches - 24 inches
    • Recommended Panel Thickness: Up to 20 gauge
  • Standing Seam Cutter
    Designed to provide a perfect cut across the flats of standing seam metal panel, this tool can cut angles and straights. It features a dual edge blade for double the cutting life and is known to last for thousands of cuts....

  • This tool will give you a clean and perfect cut every time. If the blade becomes dull you can flip it for double the cutting life. The stand has wheels for ease of transportation.


    • Max Cut Length: 60 inches
    • Rotation Capabilities: 360 degrees
    • Weight: 250 pounds
  • Stone Coat Bender
    A combination tool used for bending stone coated steel to control water from blowing into the roofing system. The ridge bender is used anywhere there’s a short course in the field, head wall and ridge....

  • The base bender bends stone coated steel panels at the rakes, side walls, hips and valley to control water from moving sideways into the roof. The Base and Ridge Bender was added to complement the Stone Coat Cutter. It can be used with any Manufacturers panel and is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


    • Maximum Ridge Bend: 55 inches
    • Ideal For: Stone-coated shingle and shake style steel panels