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United States
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Over 50 plus years of manufacturing job-site metal forming equipment. Find solutions for onsite bending, slitting and perforating needs for metal roofing with tools that are Manufactured and assembled in the USA.

For over 50 years Van Mark has produced portable job-site benders, brakes, slitters, perforating machines and panel cutting tables, designed specifically for the metal roofing and metal building industries. New Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ-Go portable job-site brake with 20” throat depth, designed for onsite use, offers easier bending and hemming on up to 24 gauge painted steel.   The machine features a new redesigned LockMaster™ locking casting which offers increased bending capacity.  Also on display this year is the 24” Trim-A-Slitter™ Perforation Package Model SCI24HD and our Trim-A-Gutter™, The Trim-A-Slitter™ is specially designed to slit, rib-form and perforate 24 gauge painted steel for all of your job-site needs The Trim-A-Gutter™, gutter hood forming tool, allows job-site manufacture of gutter leaf protection from aluminum trim coil.   Also new is our Multi Gauge™ tool for your Mark 1, Trim Master or Metal Master® brakes.   This new tool assists in determining the proper bending angles and also functions as a cutoff gauge when using our TrimCutter™ rolling shear. Van Mark has been producing the highest quality bending, slitting, cutting and forming tools since 1964. Our tools are manufactured AND assembled in the USA. While others may manufacture the core components offshore and assemble in the USA Van Mark produces our tools domestically. Help support the US Economy by supporting Van Mark.

To find a distributor in your area, call or email us at 1-800 Van Mark (1-800-826-6275) |

Brands: Industrial Metal Master® 20-EZ, Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster®, Trim-A-Slitter™, Trim-A-Slitter™ Perf Pack, Trim A Gutter, TrimCutter™, TrimFormer™, Trim-A-Table™, MultiGauge™, NailHawg™


  • NailHawg™
    Durable magnetic sweep with one of the strongest magnets available...

  • The NailHawg™ is engineered to be best magnetic sweep in the market by offering features not available on other models, like Quick Toe/Hand Debris Release, Adjustable Height, Superior Magnet, Ball-Bearing Wheels, and durable Anodized Body. One of the key features that you will not find on any other sweep, is the NailHawg™’s ability to stand upright on its own. All of these features creates a magnetic sweep that picks up more metal debris and makes it easier on the user.
    • Lifetime magnets with 140/160 lbs deadlift
    • Multiple height adjustments from 1" to 2"
    • Unique foot or hand debris release
    • Fully anodized body for rugged durability
    • Durable 7" ball-bearing steel wheels with rubber tread
    • Sweep will stand upright on its own when stationary
    • Available in a 25" and 31" model
  • TrimCutter™
    Material Cutting ⁄ Slitting Tool that provides professional smooth edges....

  • The TrimCutter™ is one of the most innovative additions to Van Mark bending brakes. Its unique low-profile and 4-point track system keeps the tool adjacent to the brake and cutting accurately. The harden steel knives cut up to 24 ga. Painted Steel Grade D and are design to cut through thousands of feet of material without getting dull while leaving a “factory” smooth edge that is free of sharp points.
    • Works with current Cam-Locking bending brakes. For older models, please contact Van Mark at 800-826-6275 to verify adaptability.
  • Trim-A-Gutter™
    Form profitable custom gutter hoods from trim-coil and gutter coil on the job site....

  • Gutter hoods can be formed from aluminum trim coil, or gutter coil right on your machine. The forming tool allows you to manufacture custom gutter hoods in various colors and sizes as well as allowing you to custom fit the hood to the individual job. The UniMount™ (Included) mounts the Trim-A-Gutter™ to any Van Mark brake, or mounts independently on UniLeg™ if you do not own a Van Mark brake. Learn more about the Trim-A-Gutter™ System Here.
  • Trim-A-Slitter™ Perf Combo
    Slit, Perforate and Rib form 24 gauge steel onsite. Make your own perforated z-bar, Ridge caps and soffits onsite or in the shop....

  • The Trim-A-Slitter™ Perf Combo from Van Mark is designed to slit, stiffen or perforate your roofing steel, aluminum, zinc and copper. Perforate 24 gauge painted steel onsite! Reduce your material costs by producing your own perforated z-bar, ventilated soffit or ridge cap. Contact Van Mark today to find out how the Trim-A-Slitter™ 24" perforating combo will increase both your productivity and your profits. 
    • Hardened steel, double sided slitting knives for long trouble-free service life.
    • Precision ground & Polished knives provides clean burr-free edges in all types of material.
    • Anodized aluminum construction stands up to the rigors of all job site weather conditions.
    • Easy to set up and use knives for slitting, rib forming, and optional perforators reposition in seconds.
    • Slitter knives are easy to configure and can be disassembled to add an optinal perforator die set or additionl knives to meet your changing needs.
    • Folding feed table with roller guides quickly adjusts to different widths of material.
    • The Built-In Tape Rule helps maintain slitter knife orientation with material.
    • Heavy Duty, High Torque 110v reversible motor comes complete with motor mounted on/off switch.
    • Brass tipped set screws - Soft brass tips ensure secure position of slitting knives without damage to knives and arbor shaft.
    • The perforating die set perforates steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper by producing a lanced perforation allowing 3.3"² of net free area, per running foot of metal.
    • Optional foot pedal frees up an additional hand for handling of metal in and out of the slitter/perforator.
    • Additional accessories such as extra knives for multiple slites, rib forming, perforators, capacity boosters, and booster blocks are available, sold seperately.
  • Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ
    Bend and Hem 24, 26, and 29 gauge painted steel onsite....

  • Introducing our new and improved castings, lighter yet stronger. Question: How do you make something Lighter yet stronger? Answer: Innovative Design using solid Modeling Technology. This allows each casting to clamp tighter, producing more accurate and precise bends. 

    Over a quarter century ago, Van Mark introduced the worlds first cam locking system in a portable brake. Through time it has proven to be the strongest and most reliable locking mechanism. Now Van Mark has done it again with our Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ incorporating the best locking system with the deepest throat in the portable brake industry.

    The Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ comes with the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing to provide the best one-stop-shop for all your job site bending, from "W" style valley-pan & rake edges, to soffits & roof flashings, including wide hip and ridge cap, HVAC duct & plenum work, to name a few.

    • New Casting, lighter yet stronger.
    • POWERlock™ provides a strong clamping without need for adjusting when changing material.
    • POWERslot™ hinge "auto-measures" 5 ⁄ 8" hem with ease.
    • Increased bending radius simplifies hemming & over-bending resulting in faster, easier operations.
    • Available in lengths of 6’6", 8’6", 10’6", 12’6", and 14’6".