VersaTube Building Systems

Collierville,  TN 
United States
  • Booth: 1930

VersaTube Building Systems manufactures steel structures that assemble with ease. The VersaTube patented Slip-Fit framing system offers an amazing advantage to the do-it-yourself builder. VersaTube manufactures Do-It-Yourself building kits to construct steel carports, garage kits, commercial steel buildings, horse barns, loafing sheds and more. Unlike a bundle of wood, the VersaTube Building System already has the energy in it to become your next project, we’ve done the hard part for you! No cutting, welding or heavy equipment required and every framing component can be lifted with average human strength. Save time and money on your next building project with VersaTube Building System. Go ahead, build it yourself.


  • VersaTube Building System
    VersaTube manufactures Do-It-Yourself steel building kits. No cutting, welding or heavy equipment required and every framing component can be lifted by hand and assembled with household tools. Save time and money with VersaTube Building Systems....

    1. VersaTube can make buildings any size or shape the project calls for – anything from smoke shelters to airport walkways to warehouses and just about anything in-between.
    2. The company’s in-house engineers can design the building to the specifications and needs of my customer and then provide blueprints for all permitting – no local architects or engineers required.
    3. A multitude of options are offered – everything from doors to windows, rolled insulation for the interior, and much, much more and they’re all available from one vendor.
    4. Purchasing the building package from one source makes it very affordable and the company’s patented slip-fit technology makes assembly on the jobsite easy and allows me to keep labor costs under control.
    5. Taking the time to cull out poor quality lumber while framing is a thing of the past and warranty calls due to warping, moisture damage, and termite problems have been eliminated.
    6. VersaTube can make the building as simple or complex as my customer’s needs and my company’s desires.
    7. The company and its employees take pride in the finished appearance of their buildings and so can I – the buildings have a clean elegant look both inside and out that’s great advertising for my company.
    8. The buildings are designed to meet all my local building codes – losing time in the building schedule due to failed inspections has all but disappeared.
    9. The building are constructed from steel made right here in the U.S.A. – enough said.
    10. Every building kit that VersaTube sends me is manufactured with the same dedication to hard work and values that I’ve built my company around.