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San Marino
  • Booth: 507

Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech brings the Industry’s fastest and most innovative Panel Fabrication System. Please come and visit us at booth #507

Casadei Industria ProComposite Tech introduces the Industry’s fastest, most ergonomic, most innovative, and affordable integrated Panel Fabrication System ever.

The heart of the system is the ALU Ranger. This Panel Router with it's Vertical Table, advanced machining capabilities, and significantly smaller machine footprint (up to 60 % less than horizontal machines) truly provides the foundation for panel manufacturing efficiencies never seen before. 

Our Patented Alu Loader is an industry first material loading system ELIMINATING human intervention. A single operator can now out-produce 6 people and 3 horizontal routers with a single router.

The ALU Bender is our unique and complimentary system for providing edge treatments that include edge bending (hemming), double edge bending internally to wrap the aluminum all the way around the edge and into the back of the panel, and double edge bending externally to produce a flange for ease of installation or to provide a consistent color background. The ALU Bender can process ACM, Aluminum Honeycomb, Fiber Cement, and High Pressure Laminates all in the same machine.

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  • ALU Ranger 6321 V-groove Vertical Panel Router
    The ALU Ranger 6321 V-groove panel router with vertical table....

  • The ALU Ranger 6321 V-groove Panel Router with vertical table eliminates up to 60% of floor space required by a horizontal router while providing a true systems approach to panel manufacturing. The innovative use of tooling and ergonomic design insures fast, precise, panel manufacturing while keeping your operators fresh and mentally sharp for the entire shift. The truly flat vacuum surface insures that all cuts are consistent and accurate. The operator friendly software insures maximum yeild for every panel. Isn't it time that you stepped into the future and took a truly integrated approach to your panel manufacturing business?
  • ALU Loader
    ALU Loader automatic panel loading system for the ALU Ranger panel router with vertical table....

  • Can you imagine taking the most cumbersome operation in panel manufacturing and eliminating it entirely? That is precisely what the patented ALU Loader does. Simply position your pallet of material in front of the ALU Loader and it automatically lifts, flips, and positions the panel for easy one-person loading, or when used with the ALU Ranger panel router with vertical table equipped with the ALU Feeder you can eliminate the need for any operator involvement at all. Step into the future of panel manufacturing with the ALU Loader, part of the ALU Ranger family of products for total plant automation and integration.
  • ALU Bender
    ALU Bender panel edge processing machine for milling and bending ACM panel edges to cover the unsightly exposed internal composite material....

  • The ALU Bender takes one of the most time consuming operations in panel production and makes it fast and simple. You can now cover the ugly internal composite material with the same dazzling finish on the front of your panels by simply bending a portion of the front aluminum over the edge and covering it. Resembles a canvas-wrapped photograph when the front surface has a printed image on it. The ALU Bender can process the edges of ACM, Aluminum Honeycomb, High Pressure Laminates and Fiber Cement. Single bend, double bend internal, double bend external, and beveling of the sharp edges of HPL are all possible in the same machine.