“What I enjoy most about METALCON is the way you have packaged your show and have taken us to different cities.  Each state has something unique to offer, always something different to offer and new trends in the roofing industry.”

"METALCON has strengthened our relationships with companies like New Tech Machinery.  We also got to know CIDAN Machinery through your show and have bought a number of machines from them.  AppliCad is always here to give updates on the development of the AppliCad software we use.”

“I like to attend the training sessions.  I have a marketing background so I always look for programs related to sales, marketing and business development.”

“It was a great show!  We thoroughly enjoyed it and made great contacts.”

“Three years ago, our executive director attended METALCON and made initial contact with Rob Haddock (founder of S5!) who has subsequently been to Africa and trained us in two visits."

“METALCON was amazing.  The layout of the floor was incredible, and I still had a chance to talk and walk around comfortably.  The lead generation system was excellent.” 

“The displays were amazing.  There are so many opportunities and booths I wanted to see.  The mix is good.  The overall organization was quite good as well.”