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METALCON / October 6-8 / 2021 Tampa

Practice Management

Exclusively for architects, all four sessions in this track are lead by Bill Hinsley, the Vice President of ARCADIS and a PSMJ Consultant.  Bill will deliver invaluable tips and advice on project management  and leadership you can put to work on your first day back from METALCON ’21.

Wednesday October 6th

Project Management MiniCamp
Speaker:  Bill Hinesley, Consultant, PSMJ

Over 40,000 PMs have been through PSMJ’s A/E/C Project Management Bootcamp and learned essential skills for superior budget and schedule discipline, scope creep control, financial performance, and client satisfaction. At the Architect’s Experience METALCON, the Project Management MiniCamp teaches you how to install a great project management plan, one that instills confidence from all your stakeholders and sets you up for delivering on time and budget.

Principals MiniCamp

Speaker:  Bill Hinsley, Consultant, PSMJ

Knowing what to do is the first step towards being an effective A/E/C Principal. But, actually doing it separates the “real deal” firm managers from those struggling to advance. Learn some of the key skills you need to make the jump to Principal and excel once there. In this minicamp, we explain how the most effective A/E/C principals’ approach big-picture business strategy design, execution, and measurement. Reboot your thinking with a high-level look at the very best practices.

Thursday October 7th

Leadership MiniCamp*
Speaker: Bill Hinsley, Consultant, PSMJ

Go from managing specific tasks, goals, and targets to coaching people, driving change, and inspiring high performance all around you with A/E/C-specific high impact strategies based on decades of analyzing what the best architecture firm leaders have in common.

Seller-Doer MiniCamp*

Speaker:  Bill Hinsley, Consultant, PSMJ

You are probably missing multiple opportunities to build your backlog with new work from existing clients. Learn the metrics and relationship building steps that bond them to your firm and open the project spigot!