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METALCON / October 6-8 / 2021 Tampa

Sandi McCracken

Programs Manager
International Accreditation Service


Sandi McCracken currently manages four accreditation programs for the IAS, a subsidiary of the International Code Council and has been instrumental in the development of the most recent accreditation programs for steel construction. Shehas been directly involved with structural steel fabrication for more than 35 years predominately in Quality Assurance and Quality Control and has delivered training for a variety of agencies and associations nationwide.

Sandi comes with an impressive background in fabrication and as a trained inspector, she has been responsible for the quality of fabricated members or components for projects such metal building systems,bridge and building structures such as ball parks, stadiums, rocket launcher bases and power plants, commercial and industrial projects. In addition, she has developed training programs and trained inspectors for the CWI exam and nondestructive testing methods and has been instrumental in the development of building standards for certifying entities.


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