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Equipter aims to improve the way roofing contractors work by providing top-of-the-line, patented roofing equipment that saves time, money, and headaches associated with roofing debris management.  
Aaron Beiler founded the company after spending over a decade as owner and operator of a family-run roof replacement company. During his time in the roofing industry, he recognized the need for an extra hand on the job that would reduce the time and manual stress of handling tear-off debris. This led to the design of the original Roofer’s Buggy, now known across the nation as the self-propelled RB4000. 
Equipter offers a range of roofing equipment to help companies in manual labor industries take their productivity, profitability, and professionalism to new heights. From multiple variations of the Roofer’s Buggy to a truck rack mounted brake, Equipter products are designed with users and their customers in mind.


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The Self-Propelled Equipter RB4000
Equipter RB4000


  • Equipter RB4000
    The Equipter RB4000 is a towable, self-propelled dump trailer with a 12’ lift and 4,000-lb capacity. Lift its container to where it's needed to load it with debris, drive it to an onsite dumpster to dump, and then lift materials to streamline production....

  • First introduced as the Roofer’s Buggy in 2004, this towable dump trailer saves laborers hours of backbreaking work. Featuring a 13-hp Honda engine, it is self-propelled and can be driven by a single worker right on customers’ lawns. Its compact design and wide tires allow contractors to maneuver around landscape obstacles and into hard-to-reach spots where dump trucks and other dump trailers can’t reach.

    • GVWR: 7,500 lbs
    • Lift Capacity: 4,000 lbs
    • Lift Height: 12'
    • Catch Area: 10' 6"

    The Equipter RB4000 is the perfect debris management system for roofers, remodelers, and general contractors. Its hydraulics-operated tailgate can be lowered and the container angled to dump the contents into a larger on-site dump trailer or dump truck, and its four outriggers allow the user to stabilize the RB4000 to maximize its capabilities, even on uneven terrain.

    The RB4000 makes it easy to transport tools and materials from the driveway to exactly where they're needed, either.

  • Equipter RB2500
    The Equipter RB2500 is a self-propelled dump trailer with a 7’ lift and 2,500 lb capacity. Raise it to where it's needed, fill the container with debris, and dump it into an onsite dumpster. Its compact size of 4.5’ wide allows access to tight spaces....

  • The RB2500 is a self-propelled dump container with a 9-hp Honda engine and a container of 1.76 cubic yards that holds up to 2,500 lbs of debris. The rust-proof aluminum container lifts up to 7 feet, enabling roofers and renovation professionals to throw debris directly into its container.


    When its container is full, the RB2500 can be driven to an on-site dumpster and the hydraulic tailgate lowered to discard the debris into the dump trailer or truck. This saves crews from handling the debris more than once.


    Being less than 4.5 feet wide, this piece of equipment can be taken into tighter spaces than the Equipter RB4000 and accesses hard-to-reach spots throughout a project. The RB2500’s wide tires and lightweight container ensure that your customer’s lawn will be kept free of ruts and other landscape damage.

    Contractors can load tools and materials into the container before leaving the shop and navigate them to where they’re needed after arriving at the job. Due to its compact size, the RB2500 should be transported to and from job sites on a utility trailer. 

  • Equipter RB2000
    The self-propelled, compact RB2000 dump container can squeeze through alleyways and hard-to-reach spots on the job. Its rust-proof aluminum container lifts up to 7’ to catch up to 1,500 lbs of debris....

  • A smaller, more compact version of the popular RB4000 trailer, the self-propelled RB2000 dump container creates a unique, efficient debris management system for contractors working in tight spaces. It's driven by a 9-hp engine and can squeeze through standard fence openings and into even tighter spaces. Ideal for use in alleyways and hard-to-reach spots between city houses, the rust-proof aluminum container lifts up to 7 ft high and holds 1,500 lbs of debris.

    • GVWR: 3,000 lbs
    • Lift Capacity: 1,500 lbs
    • Lift Height: 7'
    • Catch Area: 2' 5"

    When the container is full, it's easy for one person to drive it to the on-site dumpster, lift, and dump. Then it can be driven wherever else it's needed to keep the production process running smoothly.

  • Equipter CR8400
    The self-propelled CR8400 enables contractors to transport and lift materials to hard-to-reach spots. It features a reach from 5 ft 6 in (max lifting 4,431 lbs) to 23 ft (max lifting 893 lbs)....

  • The self-propelled CR8400 is run by a 13-hp Honda engine that allows the user to transport and lift heavy features like air conditioning units, pipes, grave markers, and more. It permits the user to access and place equipment and materials in hard-to-reach spots, like backyards in residential neighborhoods, properties with established landscaping, and backsides of construction sites. The CR8400 features a reach from 5 ft 6 in (max lifting 4,431 lbs) to 23 ft (max lifting 893 lbs). 


    This crane can be towed to any job site by a standard pickup truck, and its outriggers help the user maintain stable use when lifting on flat or uneven ground.

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