From Old to New, Valspar Provides New Parkland Hospital With a Bold Look

Beginning as a simple clapboard building in 1894, Parkland Hospital steadily grew into the premier, full-scale medical facility of Dallas. Famous for being the hospital John F. Kennedy was brought to after being fatally shot on November 22, 1963, Parkland Hospital is better known

CIDAN Machinery Joins The Metal Construction Association

Chicago, IL – The Metal Construction Association (MCA) welcomes CIDAN Machinery to its membership roster. The company has joined the association’s ranks of about 75 member companies with specialties in the metal construction industry. 

Roofing Contractors Why aren’t you Working Metal?

This piece was written last year while we attended Western States Roofing Expo and wanted to touch on it again. It is important because as an industry we can grow it by looking to these contractors. I feel like there is much more I would like to say regarding the issue of contractors who do …

Fiber Cement Siding: What Is it and Should You Consider it For Your Home?

If you’re considering a home-remodeling project, chances are, you’ve already answered a few important questions. How will this renovation affect the functionality of the home? What’s its purpose? It’s cost? Perhaps the most important

MCA: 50 Percent off New Membership Dues, METALCON Benefit Highlights Package

The information below comes from Retrofit Magazine regarding the MCA’s promotion to new members. We believe MCA needs more members to help push innovation in order for the industry to continue to evolve. With evolution, and innovation more products, services, and knowledge will help the industry. One more thing the article fails to mention is if …