Human spirit comes through at METALCON

There were many stories at METALCON this year involving the industry, new products, education, and business deals happening each day. This story though surely is heart warming and goes to show you that there are still decent people in the world looking out for each other. We had an international attendee

Top 10 Reasons for the METALCON App sponsored by Firestone Building Products

Have you downloaded the METALCON application for 2014 that is sponsored by Firestone. We needed to pose the question because we are aware of the other applications you install on your phone

Woods Pwr-Grip Co. Inc. – Exhibitor Feature

Today’s exhibitor feature is Woods Pwr-Grip Co. Inc. You can check their e-booth out by clicking here and don’t forget to visit their web site here.    

Happiest Cities and Regions in the USA

We happen to have stumbled across this great graphic yesterday that identifies the unhappiest cities in the U.S.  The good news is it appears Denver falls within a happy area, the bad news is the METALCON team lives in one of the unhappy regions. We are still happy

Construction Safety Music Video

Thought this was actually really well done, even though many of you may not be hip-hop fans, the message gets delivered perfectly. Check the video out and

METALCON Hustle and Bustle

That’s right we are working hard at the METALCON office to provide you with the most amazing trade show experience you’ll ever go to. However, in order 

Construction Live Site Video

This is really cool, entertaining and fun. While most of us grew up playing with Tonka Trucks and other pretend construction toys, this person took it to another level. Check the video out and let us know what you think. It’s creative and a good way to enjoy something in the field we all work …