3-D Printing Will Disrupt All Industries

It’s been probably a month or so since I touched on 3-D printing and the metal construction industry. With that being said why am I saying that 3-D Printing will disrupt all industries? Well, let’s start with a distribution/logistics company that is getting involved, can you guess who? If you guessed 

How Harley-Davidson became ‘King of the Road’

The “Man Behind the Brand” will share his story as METALCON Keynote Speaker NEWTON, Mass. (September 11, 2015) – Do you ever consider how your customers perceive your business? You should and you should do it every day, all day long. Clyde Fessler, one-time vice president of business development at Harley-Davidson, is the scheduled keynote …

Boosting a Contractor’s Bottom Line

PSMJ Resources, Inc. – Conventional wisdom says that it’s always cheaper to buy construction materials in bulk. In the real world, you have to decide whether the cost of keeping inventory would offset your bulk purchase savings. In these five scenarios, bulk purchasing can slash overall costs and stretch bigger margins from your jobs. 

Enter the Mentor: The Business Development Process

PSMJ Resources, Inc. – Right or wrong, many clients perceive architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms as equally technically competent. Although you may disagree with this perception, it can drive a prospective client’s reality when deciding which firm to work with.