A PPG Preview of METALCON ‘21

Where High-performance Coatings Meet Aesthetics Sponsored by PPG The metal construction and design industry is rapidly evolving, and so are the coatings used to protect and enhance exterior metal building components. Gone are the days when architectural metal coatings were specified solely for their ability to safeguard exteriors from the elements, UV light, abrasions, chemicals …

The Yellow Metal Road

I’ve been thinking recently about new products or ideas that the metal construction industry could use or maybe they already have them and I just haven’t encountered it. So lately the thought of 

How to Travel to METALCON

Many of you will be traveling to Denver from distances that quite frankly put you too far out to drive. The question is have you made your arrangements yet on how you are getting to Denver, where you are staying, and how you are getting from the airport to downtown? If you aren’t 


If you haven’t taken a look at the METALCON Agenda well here it is in an easy format to take a sneak peek at what’s ahead. Don’t forget the only way to be a part of METALCON is by REGISTERING NOW!