5 Key Career-Building Actions for Success

In the competitive world of professional services, the fastest path to career success and financial rewards is clear: become better at marketing and selling. Employers and CEOs are on record in survey after survey citing client development capabilities as a valued characteristic they seek when hiring and promoting.

Your Email Signature is All Wrong

PSMJ Resources, Inc. – by David Whitemyer, AIA – Most professionals receive between 50 and 100 emails each day. In addition to making your subject line clear and your email body brief and to-the-point, your signature should look mature and not distracting. Here are a few tips on fixing your email signature. 

Effective Sales Strategies for Contractors

Lewis & Knopf CPAs, PC – In competing for jobs, many contractors tend to underestimate and undersell their firm’s strengths. It’s not difficult to understand why: Selling doesn’t come naturally to most contractors. Sales skills tend to be regarded as “soft” skills and viewed as much less important than craft or estimating skills.

What’s the Secret to Winning Every Negotiation?

Our good friends at PSMJ Resources, Inc. posted a great article that everyone should read. It involves negotiation strategy and how to succeed at it. Take a look at the article, whether you are in the architecture, construction, or any other industry these tips will certainly help. BY PSMJ RESOURCES, INC. ON FEB 23, 2015 …

Amplify Your Content Using Social

Posted by PSMJ Resources, Inc. on Jan 12, 2015 – Regardless of how amazing your content is, if you don’t have a social amplification strategy in place, no one is going to read your content. 84 percent of marketers who say they’re ineffective at content marketing don’t have a documented social sharing

The Most Important Question You’re Not Asking

by PSMJ Resources, Inc. on Mar 17, 2014 – You sit down confidently, your body humming from the obvious success of your presentation. “Impressive,” says your would-be client. “Any questions for us?” You smile inwardly, glad you’re so well-prepared. You whip out your list of questions and start in, asking questions about the company, the project, the team, …