Construction Education Blast-Off

For the first time ever attendees will have access to two areas on the show floor for education at no extra charge. The new, innovative Learning Zone’s in booths 2117 and 341 give you the chance to manage your time accordingly with 15 minute sessions. REGISTER TODAY!

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptians’ pyramid building secret

Well this isn’t great news for me. Some researchers in Amsterdam figured out the construction tactics of the Egyptians’ when they were building their pyramids. This is shocking to me considering I thought the movie “Stargate” was based on a true

Friday Fun – You Create the Caption

Friday is here again and today comes this picture that was taken during the construction of

A European’s view on Metal Construction in North America….Really?? PART DEUX

So yes this is part deux or as we say in the United States, part 2 of the post from earlier this week. I’ve received some good responses and still waiting to hear more from others. Looks like the American muscle came through on this email I received and the canary Porsche is now lagging …

Is Metal Construction Really Better??

The infographic from has some interesting facts but is using steel really better? We’ve all read and heard the MCA (Metal Construction Association)  position on metal and how it is economical, sustainable, versatile, diverse and can fit into new or