Your Email Signature is All Wrong

PSMJ Resources, Inc. – by David Whitemyer, AIA – Most professionals receive between 50 and 100 emails each day. In addition to making your subject line clear and your email body brief and to-the-point, your signature should look mature and not distracting. Here are a few tips on fixing your email signature. 

VMZINC® Releases Special Issue Of Focus On Zinc, Featuring Sixth Archizinc Trophy Awards

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 23, 2015 – VMZINC®-US, the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold by the Building Products Unit of the Umicore group, has announced that it has released the newest issue of Archizinc Trophy magazine. A special edition of Focus on Zinc, an international architecture magazine from VMZINC®,

Rising Steel Prices – How does it affect you?

As a nation some will say we have had economic growth the past few years and others will say we haven’t. Personally I think we have seen economic growth in specific regions around the United States and with that came a decrease