IMP Alliance Pavilion and Education Center

Sponsored by:

For anyone looking to learn about insulated metal panels (IMPs), a visit to METALCON is a must. For a second consecutive year, METALCON will feature a dedicated IMP Pavilion on the show floor.

The Pavilion, sponsored by the Metal Construction Association’s Insulated Metal (IMP) Alliance, comprises leading companies who are focused on growing and increasing the use of IMPs in the construction marketplace. At METALCON, you can meet these seven major brands that produce 85% to 90% of all IMPs shipped in the U.S. and Canada, all in one location!

The IMP Alliance Pavilion offered plenty of education including:

⋆ A Pre-Show Workshop: Architectural Excellence with Insulated Metal Panels, presented by Kingspan

⋆ The IMP Education Center featured Insulated Metal Panels – Installation and Handling Best Practices

A special seminar and demo to discover best practices and common mistakes made during unloading, storage , and handling of installation of insulated metal panels. Topics to be covered:

• Avoiding damage when unloading trucks
• Staging and storage of bundles to avoid wet stack corrosion
• Tactics for long term storage of bundles
• Handling panels to minimize labor, reduce chances of injury and damage
• Basic wall panel installation and common mistakes made
• General jobsite safety practices

Presented by:

Arnold Corbin, Technical Sales Manager, Metl-Span
Dennis Nugent, Field Service Representative, Nucor Insulated Panel Group
Barry Wood, Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Development, Woods Powr-Grip