Showcasing, Honoring, Celebrating, and Discussing ALL Things Metal

No one brings the metal construction and design industries together like METALCON.

Are you seeking innovative solutions that can enhance the strength, longevity, and energy efficiency of an existing structure?

Are you designing a new building that must be durable, sustainable, beautiful, and affordable?

Do you wish you could learn about the latest metal tools, technologies, and innovations from industry experts without spending hours online?

Do you need a custom metal product designed and manufactured to your exact expectations by a product expert you trust?

Are you ready to establish ongoing relationships with other industry members and product experts who will be available to you long after the show ends?

You’ll find it all at METALCON ’23.

To paint an even clearer picture of why YOU should join us in Indianapolis, here are the key benefits for the 4 most common METALCON attendees:


Whether you’re a metal wall panel or a roofing panel contractor, a sheet metal installer, or an HVAC expert, METALCON is your opportunity to discover the tools, partners, and ideas you need to make more money in ’23. Your business is sure to benefit from connecting with the world’s leading tool, equipment and machinery suppliers. Speak with a variety of manufactures of metal panels, coatings accessories and more. Learn from industry experts who can help you maximize productivity and win more bids.


Inspiration abounds at METALCON. Our 200+ exhibitors include finishing experts who can bring your most ambitious ideas to life and insulated metal panel manufacturers who will show you how to achieve your clients’ energy efficiency objectives without compromising your design’s integrity. You’ll also learn how metal combines durability, sustainability, and versatility in ways no other building material can match. This is your opportunity to meet new potential partners in-person, have meaningful conversations to feel confident in their capabilities, and maintain long-term relationships that will benefit your business for years.


Everything you need to maintain your buildings’ integrity, comfort, and beauty is here for you at METALCON. Our selection of rooftop products alone includes snow guards, skylights, underlayment’s, gutter machines, and solar providers who can help you achieve new energy efficiency and profitability levels. Connect with dozens of metal building systems providers who can deliver customized structures to your exact specifications and achieve remarkable aesthetics. Meet with manufacturers of retrofit products who can show you how metal can be used to extend the life and enhance the beauty of your existing structure, at a fraction of the price of new. All this, plus a huge selection of doors, vents, wall panels, and ornamental product concepts from custom fabricators who can breathe new life into any environment.


From the latest metal wall panels, roofing panels, gutter, or sheet metal related products to fenestrations, fasteners and sealants, you’ll discover a wealth of new ideas that will save you time, save you money, or help you expand your current capabilities. At METALCON, meet directly with the manufacturers of the products that your clients will want to know about, including insulated panels and the latest waterproofing technology developers. You can also get your experienced field employees the training they need to become NRCA ProCertified® Metal Panel Roof System Installers!